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Rolling out of the silence on the back of a bold synthesized melody, we never have the chance to slow down and study the intricate details within the music of Ty Blue’s awesome new single “Occasionally,” but not because of any flaws in the production style or composition itself. In this latest release, it can be said that our leading lady is determined to move at warp speed, and in the process still emit an essence of confidence around every sharp turn she takes in the verses.

At its core, “Occasionally” is a blistering club jam that was specifically designed to light up the dancefloor, and although it exhibits many of the same traits someone would expect to find standard in most any crossover R&B/club track, it’s hardly a run of the mill, template-sourced piece of material. There’s a melodicism in play here that doesn’t allow for us to walk away from the fabric of the instrumentation feeling unmoved; in the words and the music the same, we’re inspired to move our bodies in perfect synchronicity with Ty Blue, who arguably delivers her most focused and collected performance in the studio thus far in this most recent offering. 

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Harmonies, all of which seem to start with the lead vocal, are the undisputed centerpiece in “Occasionally,” and I love how epically they conflict with the fuzzy synths that occupy most of the vacant space in the backdrop. There’s scarcely a moment in this track where we aren’t witnessing an all-out competition for our affections, in which Ty Blue’s serenade is directly pitted against the atonal white noise she straddles so delicately – and manipulates into a groove, no less.

The bass is big and brash, but her voice can handle the girth of its output no problem; no matter what the angle we’re analyzing the song from is, she’s got her approach down to a relative science in seemingly every situation we find her in here. There are definitely some funk influences in her sound on full display in “Occasionally” that I would really like to hear her experiment with a little more in the future, if for no other reason than to see just how much mileage she can get out of the skillset she’s cultivated for herself so far. 

TIDAL: https://tidal.com/browse/album/153110615

If this single is aesthetically on par with what we’re going to be hearing regularly from Ty Blue through the remainder of 2020, I like her odds at winning some of the mainstream favor a lot of her closest contemporaries on and off of the east coast have been struggling to attain for themselves.

The most impressive element we’re made to encounter in “Occasionally” is the attitude that its composer brings to the table, and provided it’s something critics can count on finding in the material Ty Blue records and brands with her moniker in the months and years still to come, I do believe she’s going to continue to score big points with pop and R&B aficionados like myself. 

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