the moving stills new album “sunshine corner”

Here are some tunes to start off your weekend! Australian alt-pop/rock band The Moving Stills dropped their new album Sunshine Corner today. Diving into a pool of nostalgic surf flavours and synth swirls that ripple through the air, the album is a shining example of their feel-good Australian summer vibe.

The Moving Stills announce their first full-length album, ‘Sunshine Corner’. A blissful alt-pop rock album that dives into a pool of nostalgic surf flavours and synth swirls that ripples through the air.  The album includes previously released singles, ‘Gene’, ‘Downlow’ and ‘Waste My Time’. Perfecting their feel-good Australian summer vibe and continuing to push their genre boundaries, with more heartfelt songs like ‘Throw Me A Line’, ‘Perfect’ and ‘Last Friday’

Their debut album has been two years in the making and explores the growth of the band members during that time. Since their breakout single ‘Nineteen’ was released in 2018, The Moving Stills have continued to establish themselves in the Australian music market. Performing at staple Australian festivals including, The Big Pineapple, A Day On The Hill, Sounds of The Suburbs, Neck of the Woods, Woodford Folk Festival and BIGSOUND. Having also toured with renowned Aussie bands like Ocean Alley, Spacey Jane, The Delta Riggs, Lime Cordiale, Pacific Avenue, Holy Holy and DZ Deathrays, they’ve proven that they’ll be sticking around. The Moving Stills’ previous singles have also had the support of Australia’s National Youth Broadcaster triple j and triple j Unearthed, with rotation of their past singles on both platforms. 

The Moving Stills showcase their matured songwriting and production finesse whilst building on their signature sound. The band says the album will “show a cross-section of different flavours we’ve been playing with.” Taking influence from the guitar-based rock as well as electronic and groove-based artists. 

“This album has been a gradual process of refining and working on songs both old and new over the last two years. The songs that have had a place in our live set for years, and others that haven’t yet been heard. Writing, recording and working on this album felt really nice. It’s an opportunity to give listeners a snapshot of where we are as a band and how we’ve been feeling. 

The longer album format allows more insight into our experiences over the last few years. We’ve always written songs based on our experiences and stories we know. It’s definitely honest and heartfelt. In a way, ‘Sunshine Corner’ is a coming-of-age album filled with stories of emotional struggles, self-realizations and reflections, heartbreak and the lessons learnt along the way. Hopefully, some of our experiences connect with the people listening to it.”

The Moving Stills

‘Sunshine Corner’ available now through Sureshaker.

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