The Elation drop new single

The Elation drop new single


Irish power pop/pop rock act The Elation are set to score big with their latest single “Catch” from their soon to drop release Clickbait, but it’s apparent from the first that the band is the real deal. Their longevity is demonstrated by the band’s seemingly effortless gifts for melody and riding those qualities in a song, as well as their obvious skill with arranging. “Catch” seamlessly glide from one passage to the next with nary a hiccup and the band, as a whole, plays far beyond their years. The Elation are poised to take things to a much higher level with a release of this quality and we can only assume Clickbait will prove every bit as substantive as this song. This is a rare outfit for our modern times  with their ability and obvious joy in encompassing multiple styles under one banner.

The song takes off from the first and it is readily apparent the band is deeply engaged with delivering the best possible performance. The accompanying music video underlines that commitment with how the band seems to be full of effervescent energy. This isn’t a entirely jovial tune, but the lyrics are put over with such verve that you’ll forgive any pain coming through. The production has a lot of responsibility for that as it sparkles from the first. The guitars, in particular, have an almost funky edge that has warmth and pinpoint clarity.

Lead singer Chris Cansdale carries much of the tune thanks to his nearly palpable charm. He’s able to take an often adult and poetic lyric and imbue it with youthful energy that never flags. He sets up both the verses and chorus with great precision, but it never sound belabored. It’s a careful balance to make tunes like this not sound inordinately plotted out and The Elation capture that with impressive skill.

Guitarist Billy Whelan sounds obviously inspired from the rhythm section’s work and they are popping from the first. The production really captures that without ever straining and the thoroughly modern sound of the recording never sounds stagy. The Elation, thankfully, never opt to play too much on their nationality and achieve a well rounded global sound that will have great appeal for any audience. “Catch” is plain catchy, but there is a lot here that gives the tune added cachet – namely  style that never feels shallow but, instead, has the kind of artistry we associate with iconic  acts. The Elation’s “Catch” sets us up for Clickbait in the best possible way and shows this band is growing by lea[s and bounds. We can’t possibly hope for better pop rock in 2018 and this is a band who does it like they mean it.


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