Spring City releases Back On Our Streets

Spring City releases Back On Our Streets

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Rarely does singer/songwriter material ring out with such a decisive pop sound without ever cheapening the adult themes and sentiments as it does on “Back on Our Streets”. The vocal three piece Spring City features the talents of three women who’ve known each other since childhood and demonstrate such a natural affinity for writing and performing together that it was inevitable they would bring their talents together in such a forum. Annielle, Miah, and Noomi are experienced vocalists, recording artists, and music educators, but they are artists above all else – you can hear that in the fully rounded approach they take to “Back on Our Streets”. The lyrics, arrangement, and playing come together from the first on this tune and the high gloss production framing the song makes everything come to even greater life.

Each member of the trio has a solid grounding in “classical” music approaches thanks to their time singing in church and choir configurations, but there’s no question their singing has commercial appeal as well. Their voices are soft, even lilting, but there’s a lot of spirit in what they do, but there’s an equal amount of attention paid to making the lyrical content as meaningful as possible. Some of the early verses are especially effective and the pensive, reflective nature of the singing gets under listener’s skin without ever coming off as over-dramatic.

The song gradually accelerates as it progresses and we’re treated to a robust band arrangement by the song’s midway point. Acoustic guitar slowly transitions into a more orchestral sound during the full band portion of the song, but it remains the most consistent counterpart to the song’s vocal sound. The drumming is good and there’s plenty of snap to the playing that gives the song an underlying ballast countering the ethereal qualities of the singing. The harmony vocals in the song aren’t the biggest component in the presentation, but it adds strong musical exclamation points throughout the song. Spring City’s singing matches the increased musical energy and the entire band are in full flight by the conclusion of “Back On Our Streets”.

This song is going to take Spring City a long way from their small Swedish hometown of Malmbäck and will bring them renown from every quarter of the globe. The three singers and writers strike a perfect balance between the vocal and musical elements of “Back on Our Streets” and the dialogue between these parts has a seamlessness shared by few contemporary acts. Few singers can match the beauty they bring to bear here and it enhances the deep feeling in this song. Spring City is hard at work on their debut EP and we can expect this single is a sneak peek of what we’ll be treated to with that collection, but “Back on Our Streets” works as a fine standalone single making their talents evident to a worldwide audience. It’s an impressive achievement for an act that’s only been together as an unit since earlier this year and it’s rather breathtaking to imagine where they may go from here.

YOU TUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr5dtfOUxBR2i-fVHxaNzsA

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