Jazz Vocalist Megan Graney SHINES ON New Single

Megan Graney shines in her new jazz-toned single, “Love The Lie”. It’s an easy decision to add this one to your musical radar – Graney is a standout from start to finish. You just glide right into the sparkle of the guitar. As a listener, you are pulled by her honesty and the instrumental glue. She really puts it all together – “Love The Lie” quickly establishes Graney as not only a remarkable artist, but one that has the beginnings of an evergreen career. 

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A Berklee College of Music graduate, Graney grew up in the Bay Area. She’s now based in Los Angeles, also working in the film scoring industry. And as an indie singer/songwriter, I think she definitely stands out. Where the perception can often be that the world of music is smoke and mirrors – we don’t always get to really see what is behind the curtains. Such is life now, isn’t it – especially with social media. In “Love The Lie” I think Graney tackles the world of insecurity and maybe even the idea of ‘faking it to you make it’.

She compounds the situation with airy tones, but still rooted in the American jazz tendrils. Graney’s voice is a potpourri of rouge, eggplant-toned notes all spun around, caressed if you will, in golden lacs. She’s fiery, still, and has this modesty that just oozes through on the chorus, especially. She could sing a lullaby, a ballad or a big jazz band hit – her voice has you chasing those echoes. 

What got me going, too, is the way this jazz song is so sublime. It’s subtle and not over the top. I never felt like the notes and the instrumentation was some free-for-all. It’s cohesive and the artistry feels – almost tangible – so natural. Maybe because her backyard growing up was the Bay Area – a diverse city with just as many sounds and tastes as there are people, I think Graney designed a sound that mimics her internal emotions. Some days you feel like the bass guitar – a bit slow to the grind, but nonetheless working it.

Other days, the notes call to be higher and supercharged. And sometimes our heart beat is just that pitter-patter you hear in the electric lead guitar. Our heart can lead the way, but our mind often becomes the victor. One of the lines in the song, “no one is going to see it”, really hit home. I’m not sure why other than that, I think it’s a natural (universal) thing to be insecure or afraid to show our true selves in every social situation. We can hold back – and that simple line feels like a bit of a mantra. Do we want people to see it? Can we admit to our own selves what we see in the mirror? I don’t know. It’s nice to talk through those things and hear those conversations. Graney’s voice just gives so much – all of it sincere. “Love The Lie” follows Graney’s other releases that include “Borrowed Time” and “Waves”.

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