VINEET is Back with “PFH”

If there’s one set of awards that people on both sides of the music business take seriously, it’s the Grammys. Trying to break into the industry is hard enough on most artists that thinking about big things like winning a Grammy isn’t even on the radar for the first couple of years, but of those who are cutting up the competition and making it clear they’re on the right ticket to the top of the game, Vineet perhaps sounds the most convincing in his new single “PFH.” Where the bottom-end in “PFH” has all the right stuff to make this a killer club remix at some point or another, I don’t think it was produced just to be broken.

For this being the experimental, COVID-inspired dance track that it is, the flow of the music is pretty reserved and clandestine, which makes the climax all the more potent to witness firsthand. Vineet isn’t scared of the audience seeing who he is as a composer, and it’s this specific desire to be exposed and seen that makes “PFH” one of the hottest singles or music videos I’ve had the chance to look at all season long. 


The master mix is smooth and made to feel like we’re listening to one cohesive piece of music rather than different parts arranged together. There’s no debating whether or not Vineet has put a lot of time and energy into his work – just look at any one of his Grammy-submitted releases and you’ll understand why the critics start freaking out whenever he’s about to release something out – but he’s not being too showy about his abilities.

You can hear the growth between this and his first single, and as a professional critic, I’d rank him as one of the most inspired songwriters making waves in his scene right now and then some. A remix of “PFH” might be interesting to see at some point or another, but if you ask me Vineet would be smart to continue pushing himself in the studio as he did here before working on reboots and remixes of content he’s already got out on the shelves. 

If you haven’t heard of or simply been listening to Vineet’s music lately, I recommend starting with “PFH” and getting to know why this guy is such a polarizing and exciting figure in American indie-pop today. The internationalization of alternative music particularly has left a lot of young artists and bands unsure of how to promote themselves, but with something as anti-sloppy as “PFH,” it’s clear that worrying about promotion isn’t something that Vineet should be concerning himself with at all. He’s got the natural gift to get into a hook and make it his own, and I believe that as time goes on, he’s going to refine his craft even more and likely come forth from the underground sounding like one of the best to play the game in a while. His accomplishments keep stacking up, and the buzz surrounding “PFH” is a testament to that. 

Written by Nicole Killian, posted by Michael Rand 

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