Michael Lee Tennenbaum. Risk: Living On The Edge

The foreword by Ted Janulis, President Emeritus, The Explorers Club, says a lot in one experience style sentiment, but there is a lot of ground to cover and that’s usually just a starting point for any book but it helps prepare for the adventurous read by an adventurer like that of not very many to embark on a life’s worth such as author Michael Lee Tennenbaum. Risk: Living On The Edge, is a 359 page adventure in its own right that is one part information sourced and the rest based on true experience rather than a lecture of any sort.

The element of risk is increasingly important in all aspects of life and this book takes you to the edge of it all with very insightful and creative chapters based around the experiences of the author and well co-authored by Donna Beech and together they make a great team in conveying the dangers and benefits of risk and safety wherever and however it is needed and applied. From business to pleasure it’s all about the finer risks and how to master it from an individual departmental perspective across the board. Risk covers the spectrum of its own subject matter like two books in one.

The images in this book are of stunning quality as well, it’s graphically detailed with Tennenbaum’s adventures in the field where he outdoes even himself at times. This is a great way to move through such a detailed book, almost the way a movie or documentary would. You see everything from swimming with Dolphins to fact sheets on the Euro, it’s that well depicted. You get from the beginner to the professional schooling before it’s over, and your missions can be much better accomplished as a result. It’s a true eye opener for even the most professional risk taker.

The guidance of Tennenbaum is second to none, you can feel his work coming through in his advice and you get the right sourced information by way of an outstanding read worth repeating and always referring- back to. Risk leaves most books on the subject back at square one, as where Tennenbaum gives a perspective which others can’t just get from doing basic research and putting it back out there in more-or less creative ways. He took the vital approach just as he does with everything and it pays off at the bestseller level, as it should. AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/Risk-Living-Edge-Michael-Tennenbaum/dp/194812243X

This is more like being entertained, inspired and filled with knowledge than just one or the other any reference guide can provide, it’s simply a work of more epic proportion. Tennenbaum could’ve done this many- different ways, but instead he carefully chose the right co-author and proper layout for such an undertaking. This is information anyone can use, along with a way of enjoying what there is to learn at the same time. It puts you onto the subject of risk in a whole different way and gets you in tune without boring you on the small stuff. Risk is a testament to all this and so much more.

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