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Your song Date Night is great! Can you give us some behind the scene scoop about the song?

Thank you so much! Yea “Date Night” was partially inspired by Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy, Mercy Me”. Not necessarily the lyrical content, because they are very different songs in that respect. I was really inspired by the vibe of the song and I figured if I paired that energy with a dating vibe it would work. I think they both work well together.

What are your favorite lyrics on it? 

Without question, my favorite lyrics are the first few lines “let’s play some records, and drink some wine”. I wanted to set a mood immediately and paint a picture for anybody listening and I think these lines do just that. I also wanted to let listeners know what the song was about upfront. 

What was a result from the song that you were not expecting?

From a creative perspective, I don’t think I expected the song to come together so quickly. It’s funny because I was actually giving a guitar lesson the first time I played the chords to the song. I recorded it so I wouldn’t forget because melodies can be fleeting. Afterward, everything else just fell into place. I also didn’t expect to play all the instruments on the song and it turned out the way it did. I’m pretty happy with it.

Is there someone you have dedicated the song to?

I think on a subconscious level, I was thinking about my own relationship with my wife and how it’s sometimes challenging for the two of us to get away. We try to get out at least once a month and if I think about it, I’m pretty sure this song is probably an extension of that line of thinking. So to answer the original question, “Date Night” is dedicated to her.

How are you dedicating your life to music right now?

I play out 5 nights a week while also doing volunteer work with Musicians On Call once a month. I’m also working on an album with a target release date of next spring and a few singles I plan on releasing before the year is out. I’m also working on some collaborations with more planned. I’m also teaching my niece to play and sometimes my boys when they’re in the mood. Music is a full-time affair for me.

Any new songs on its way? 

Yes! I’m working on a new song entitled “Drunk” which will be out at the end of next month. It’s about the first time I overindulged and the wild night and terrible morning that followed. No doubt in my mind lots of people will be able to relate. Thanks for having me.

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