“Jab the World” by Vineet

Vineet’s “Jab the World” has a thoroughly modern sound while still invoking a traditional rock approach. The India-born singer and songwriter takes a less than traditional approach, however, to guitar sounds – the six string work on this new single has a synthesized tone that some will find disagreeable, but others will flock to. I am in the latter camp. Modern times call for different slants on time-tested formulas and Vineet has responded to that challenge – it is recognizable, but likewise aims to capture a younger audience than those who grew up on thrashing alternative rock guitar or pyrotechnic predecessors such as Eddie Van Halen or Jimi Hendrix. It gives a sharp bite to Vineet’s message and his vocal compliments the overall band sound of the single.

His message is clear. Vineet is rejoicing over the arrival of numerous vaccines to combat COVID-19 and its recent mutations but has watched how the pandemic has brought out the worst in many and given free rein to their hate. “Jab the World” is part tribute but hopes as well for the possibility that one day vaccines may be available that are capable of eradicating hatred from the human mind. Perhaps it is a fantasy to dream of such a thing, but listeners who value idealism in the face of adversity will find Vineet’s words inspiring.

He couples it with a promotional clip brimming with boundless energy. The video is a slice of life, as well, thanks to its frequent use of every day men and women, particularly those in the medical profession, illustrating how so many have not given up hope in the face of worldwide illness and death, so many who feel a stronger sense of community with their fellow human being rather than succumbing to hatred in all its forms. It is full of lush color, crackling jumps from one image to another, and belies the independent nature of Vineet’s music. It is thoroughly top notch in every respect.

The sweeping musical arrangement carries listeners away from the outset. The song’s percussion gives the track an uptempo pace that matches the aforementioned video without ever getting carried away with itself. “Jab the World” has a streamlined and focused construction that doesn’t sound like it is straining to achieve the desired effects and this extends to the vocal as well. His passion is beyond any doubt. You are compelled to pay attention from the first line on and his talent for dramatizing his message adds immeasurably to the lyric.

Some do not like socially conscious songs. They prefer performers who write about longstanding concerns in popular music, such as love and heartbreak, among other subjects. Others, however, see the form as being expansive enough to accommodate this sort of songwriting.  It will retain its relevance for some time to come. Vineet possesses talent and gifts that transcends language and borders and his new single “Jab the World” has the potential to propel his musical journey into as yet unexplored realms. He wants us to accompany him on that voyage. 

Michael Rand

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