“In My Feelings” by Intelligent Diva

Almost everyone can relate to being unsure about how your crush feels about you. In her new single “In My Feelings,” singer/rapper Intelligent Diva opens up about her new interest, but lets him know she won’t wait around forever for some reciprocation. Between the 90’s vibe, the empowerment of knowing your worth, and Intelligent Diva’s gift for poetry, “In My Feelings” is hot on the heels of her other Indie chart-topping singles. Instead of pining, Intelligent Diva flexes her power, basically saying she knows she’s an amazing catch, so her crush better step up or she’s going to move on.

Intelligent Diva has had a whole slew of singles shoot up the Indie music charts in the US and Europe over the past year. From “No Justice” and “Not Making Love (Radio Edit Version)” to “Your Love Is Dope” and “Sex To A Sax,” Intelligent Diva has proven over and over that she knows how to write a catchy and successful song. “In My Feelings” is no different; it would blend seamlessly with the current pop climate. It sounds like something someone would put on a playlist for “girls night out,” everyone singing along to it in the car, as they should be. I’m always here for songs that tell people to know their own worth. Love and feelings are great, but not at the cost of your own sanity and heart.

Not only is Intelligent Diva amazing at curating a specific vibe, but she’s also in total control of music. She records and produces her own stuff under her label, Intelligent Diva Music. She even does all her own harmonies and back-up vocals, keeping it a one woman operation. She also is committed to having only original backing tracks, free from any sampling. While sampling is widely accepted in the music world, it’s interesting that she’s staying away from it. It will definitely make her stand out a little bit more and give her a unique edge as she carries on with her career. She has a strong and specific vision that I think will help her stay true to herself and draw people to her.

“In My Feelings” draws on elements of 90’s R&B but still sounds current and fresh. Intelligent Diva is still playing around with her eclectic tool box of sounds, but this one in particular really works for her. I loved the power and sense of self that comes through in the song, as well as the bravery to dangle her heart out there. The only way not to be crushed by a crush is to not get your hopes too high, and she definitely knew how to explain that in a way anyone could understand. I would love to hear a full album or even just an EP from Intelligent Diva in the future, and now that live music is slowly becoming a thing again, maybe she should take this show on the road and let the world bask in her talent.

Michael Rand

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