“Special Delivery” from Detroit’s Keish Strong

Special just for you, baby, special delivery baby, the enchanting female voice sings in the new gem “Special Delivery” from Detroit’s Keish Strong. This gripping R&B/pop tune is oozing with sex appeal and inuendo, and well, frankly goes all-in, when it comes to setting the mood. Mixed with a heavy beat and an infectious chorus, “Special Delivery” is from Strong’s Doin’ My Thang album, arriving November 2020. Packaged for the listener and for a fun time, this song sets the groove from the first note.

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Strong, a mainstay in the Detroit rap/hip hop scene and known for performing at schools, Player’s Den, Bullfrog, Louie’s and more, has an immediate commanding presence. The backing beat, a solid ebb and flow, opens the flow to a perfect sing/say tale. Starting with your lips, Strong seductively states. It’s the prelude to what I have planned for you, she continues. As the lyrics describe pink lingerie and lace, the backing music throws out a much more scarlet, cobalt intimate textures. I’m not certain if the chorus is sung by Strong or another female, but the voices are radiant together. It’s a nice synergy happening. I liked the sing with the spoken word approach. Towards the end the track, the backing music includes some faint moaning and a piano bed. It’s more fodder for an already sexualized track. It’s a fun ride, to say the least. It’s also very empowering to hear this from a woman’s point-of-view. I don’t think she’s trying to be sleazy, but I think she hovers over that line. If you’re a fan of Lizzo, then you will be a fan of Keish Strong. I don’t think they are completely similar, but they are in the same vein.

The chorus is hard to escape, it’s very consistently in the spotlight. I found myself humming the words hours later. Don’t worry, though, the red hot beat sizzles in your head, too. As an artist, Strong really has a clear approach. “Special Delivery” is pretty straightforward. What I really dug, besides the sing/say and singing, is the way the backing beats keep it fresh. The flow is really interesting and moves in a way that feels very live. This is the kind of track that you would hear at the club, or in an underground mix. It’s not the same-old-same-old stuff you hear on the radio. It’s much more exciting.

Strong has that gusto, that hutzpah to make things happen. I think songs like “Special Delivery” and her other tracks “Ice Cream Party” and “Why You Mad” are quickly establishing Strong as a one-woman wrecking crew. She has that it factor. Her last name fits her perfectly, for sure, because she’s a strong artist. I guess you could say that she’s extra special in “Special Delivery”. I think if you’re a fan of Little Nas, Beyonce, G-Eazy and the aforementioned Lizzo, then you will be in great hands with Keish Strong. She has a hit on her hands in the irresistible “Special Delivery”. Answer that call.

Michael Rand

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