Exclusive Interview with Elizabeth Lyons

Hi Elizabeth, great to have you here!! 

Do you need to be in a certain mood to write? 

YES! If an idea or melody comes to me I have to write or record it immediately. Then I work it out if I can at that moment and then present it to a co-writer who I think would be good at helping me bring it to life! 

Which artists’ styles do you love most? 

Right now, I’m OBSESSED with Dua Lipa’s album! I’ve listened to it a million times. Luke Combs, Morgan Wallen, and Dan and Shay are current obsessions! 

Do you get more attached to some songs over others? 

YES! It depends on my mood! Luckily I’ve released and written all kinds of songs from heartbreak, to love, to partying. When I want to be inspired I listen to Epiphany or 24! When I want to dance or workout I listen to Prove it! 

What is the most meaningful song/album you have ever written?

My recent chapter of songs that empower, inspire, and believe:

PROVE IT! The last song of the empowering and inspiring chapter! My favorite of the 4 songs! 

Epiphany was to believe in yourself and ignore all the voices in your head…

24 was the journey it takes to get there…

Brave Enough was a cry to not give up and an appreciation for everyone who’s helped you get there….

Now with PROVE IT – is you’re doing it and proving it!

Do you get nervous before online performances?

I don’t really get nervous before performing more nervous about if the internet is going to cooperate!

What is something most people don’t know about you? 

I’m scared of heights! Cue to my Prove It Music video that is coming out soon! I go in an open helicopter in NYC and try to overcome my fear and “get out of my comfort zone” as the lyrics go! 

Tell us where we can find you online and get our hands on your new music?

URL: www.elizabethlyonsmusic.com

All music streaming platforms!

Thank you for your time!!

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

End of Interview

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