Interview: Dina Renee

Dina Renee is everything we love about Hollywood. Thanks for being with us today. Please share with us the best part about being a singer slash actress? 

Thank you so incredibly much for having me! 

It feels good to finally pursue what I wanted to my whole life. I grew up on TV sets in Tennessee (my dad worked for hgtv so mainly sewing and home improvement sets) being an actress and a singer was always something I dreamed of doing one day.  I love the creative aspect of creating a song and also creating a character. 

Favorite places to catch live music in LA? 

Hotel Cafe, Sayers Club, The Peppermint Lounge

If you were stranded on a desert island, what five songs would you hope to have with you to listen to? 

My brother has a song called “Caroline” I love it so much 

Britney Spears “Trouble” (it’s an unreleased song but it calms me) 

“Dream On” Aerosmith 

Alexandra Fresquez “Perfect Storm” 

“Slide away” Miley cyrus (currently on repeat right now) 

Taylor Swift or Britney Spears? 

Britney !!! Always and forever. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her. I feel like I saw myself in her growing up and it wasn’t until I became a fan of her that I learned to like my own voice. 

If you had a superpower, what would it be and why?

I would love to snap my fingers and be anywhere in the world. I miss my friends and family  in Tennessee so much I’d love to be able to get to them quickly. I’d also love to travel and see the world. 

You have an incredible Social Media following, why do you think you are so relatable to so many?

I hope I’m relatable in the sense that I just want people to overcome their own self doubt and to be unapologetically themselves. I’ve always had a strong sense of knowing what I love and who I am. I think it just has taken time to embrace my flaws. 

Any inside info to share with us regarding your next moves? 

I’m so excited about my next single. I have many shows in the works and my new music video coming soon! 

End of Interview

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