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How are you feeling about this year’s music you’ve put out so far? 

I feel good!  I love everything that has come out this year.  Just crossed over a million streams again this year so I am happy about that!  I am super happy about some of the unreleased stuff as well.

The year is coming to an end! What are you doing in these last few months musically?

I plan on dropping 3-5 more before the year ends.  I have had some venues reach out for shows, so I will be working on putting a set together and working on that as well.  I also have a side project that I have been working on that I am really excited about.

What are you working on right now in the studio? 

I am actually working on some more pop punk kind of stuff.  Throaty vocals over some aggressive guitar.  I am really happy with how some of these songs are turning out.  

What are your studio sessions looking like these days? 

It looks like me in a closet with a mac lol.  Occasionally, I will meet up with a producer and/or writer and collaborate on things, but people send me a lot of beats and I try to use as many as I can.  I have been really blessed with that. 

Is it just you when you go to record or do you work with others? 

It is usually just me.  I will pull up a beat and record melodies on top of it, and if I like the direction, then I will start and put lyrics in and see where the process takes me.

Who is the person that you want to work with next whether it’s putting them on a track or just producing? 

I have a song with Landon Sears that is going to come out soon, that I am really excited about!  I also have another one with Trip Carter that I am looking forward to.  Dream list would consist of Post Malone for sure.  He is so fire.  I would like to do a country song with him.  That would be so fun.

How are you customizing your sound in your next tracks? 

I am leaning more into the pop punk realm.  I have always loved pop punk and I am excited that the genre is becoming popular again!

How do you make sure that you’re customizing your overall vision for your music? 

I always think about what will the listener connect with and take away.  It is not always about me.  If I can make something that will help people, then I am all in.

What is your overall vision for yourself!? 

My vision has always been to make and put out as much music as I can and to do it full time.   I am blessed to literally be doing that now!

Where can you be followed on social media?

LINK TREE:https://linktr.ee/Validpointmusic

For Press Inquiries: bsquaredmgmt@gmail.com

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