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Hello to The Keymakers, please tell us more about your new release and the inspirations behind the music you are currently working on?

Hello to you too! Remember, our newest release, just came out on the 1st! It’s the second track we’re releasing for our upcoming EP. The track is about our fleeting memories. The inspiration for the track came from something that’s a part of both of our lives, the darker side of a socially active life. Going out, drinking, meeting people, and feeling like you need to make the most of every night because of how hard you’re always working – it’s a lifestyle that can leave you caught between highs and self-destructive habits. What good is having the time of your life if you can’t take those memories and experiences with you in a meaningful way? Remember is about that lifestyle and the feeling of separation that it can lead to. 

What have been your greatest achievements in the music industry so far? 

2019 has been such a big year for us so far because we’ve really started to hit our stride. If we have to pick one it would probably be crossing a million listens on our singles – it was so nice to see that our music touched so many people. I think if you ask the same question in a few months our answer will definitely be that our greatest achievement is releasing our first full EP! 

Your personal style and musical styling is extremely unique and original.  Who are your style and musical icons? 

Thank you! One of the things that make us who we are is taking a ton of different influences into our work. From anywhere from folk to old school to progressive house and EDM, we try our best to take chunks and piece them together to make something brand new. That being said, I think some of our biggest influences more recently have been artists like Lane 8 and Lutrell. Musically, their style has definitely influenced and pushed our sound forward. 

Which of your songs is typically your crowd favorite? 

Our first release ever, Good For You, has really been a track that’s made an impact with listeners. Two years later we’re still having people reach out and tell us how much they like the track which is special. But we think the last release ‘Lonely’ might have knocked Good For You off the throne, the feedback we’ve gotten so far since releasing it in July has been insane. So we think that probably takes the cake as a ‘crowd favorite’. 

Are you both writers equally or? 

For the total project, definitely. When we first started together, it was pretty clear lines we worked with – Rome wrote and sang, and Red produced the instrumentation. It made sense as that’s what our specialties were but over the past couple years, as you can imagine, we’ve been blending our workflow together completely. Red is still more on the production and Rome on the composition and writing, but for the most part we’re getting things done together these days. 

What do you feel creates an unforgettable musical experience? 

One of the best ways to make an unforgettable musical experience is for the artists to invite the listener into a world, rather than just show them the world. Whether it’s a story being told or a feeling being conveyed, it can only mean so much if the listener doesn’t feel part of the story or feel the emotion. For an artist, that means you have to taylor and give the listener something like 80 percent of the experience, then leave room and space for them to create their own piece. That’s how the listener will feel as though that song, that story, or that feeling is ‘theirs’.  

Anything else you would like to share with our readers today about your 2020 plans and beyond? 

Jut to be ready for a LOT of new music and performances. Between releasing more music, original and remixed, and starting to travel the country to perform, we’re just so excited to connect with more people than we ever have before. And find us on Instagram because we absolutely love connecting with our fans.

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Continued success with your new music and tour. 

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