“Hands” by Dianña

Dianña’s rise through the music ranks has been fueled, undoubtedly, by her considerable talents as both a singer and songwriter. Her hard work shouldn’t be overlooked. She’s placed herself with some of the most notable musical talents of our time, including vocalist Any Grant and hip-hop megastar Snoop Dogg, in both studio and live situations. She’s gigged as much as possible, especially given the pandemic and all that came with it and earned the respect of her talented peers.

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It has helped set the stage for a successful solo career. She’s followed her truest musical love, country music, and navigated the often tricky balance between producing contemporary music and remaining faithful to the genre’s foundation. Her new single “Hands” doesn’t necessarily remake the songwriting wheel, but it unequivocally demonstrates that bringing together the time-tested verities of country music with a modern aesthetic isn’t just possible, it’s a game-changer for performers such as Dianña.

Her recent singles “Calm Down Karen”, “Rubberneck”, and “You Got Some Nerve” have entertained an ever-growing fanbase and proven she has the talent to deserve the spotlight. “Hands”, however, diversifies her appeal in a way those songs couldn’t, however, because it delves much deeper into human experience. Her writing for this song, as evidenced in every line and particularly the focal verses, achieves a universality that is breathtaking.

The greatest artists among us, in every medium, are capable of finding larger truths in personal, singular stories. Moreover, they make it sound easy. Dianña joins their ranks without ever sounding pretentious or over-stated. The details of the song are grounded in everyday life that each of us can relate to and its musical backing is equally relatable.

Each of the song’s instruments benefits from overall balance that doesn’t zero in on one particular part. The even-handed treatment gives the song impressive “weight”, but it doesn’t risk overwhelming listeners. Instead, the arrangement sweeps listeners along at a steady pace towards the track’s inevitable conclusion. Moments like the song’s brief guitar solo are exclamation points highlighting the single and tailored to serve the cut’s needs.

It sounds like Dianña began the recording process for this song certain of what she wanted to hear. Songwriters and musicians with the willingness to follow the sound they hear in their minds invariably convey that certainty of vision in their music as well. She is no exception. “Hands” is confident without ever sounding strident or inflated.

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Her marrow-deep love and affinity for the musical style is another big reason why this song works so well. It’s honest, uncalculated, and Dianña fills the track with a sense of stakes, like something is genuinely online, that listeners will welcome. Getting this message across to the audience is a matter of life and death to her and that sensation will keep you riveted to the track until its end. That’s an experience worth having. Music like this is written, performed, and recorded with love and passion and we can expect to hear much more in the future. 

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