Stacy Gabel is back with “Stir Crazy”

Singer/songwriter Stacy Gabel is back with her new pop-Americana-folk track, “Stir Crazy”. Her venture into the human spirit during this trying time that is the global pandemic is a rewarding listening experience. The Pennsylvania-based Gabel conveys both the confusion and fed-up-ness in her acoustic guitar. Her relatable story plays out like a journal entry. “Stir Crazy” will have you nodding your head in agreement with each line.


The main reason I enjoyed “Stir Crazy” so much is Gabel’s voice. She tends to be very conversational. She’s doesn’t over sing and she’s a perfect mix of being bubbly and genuine. I can’t imagine anyone not liking the sound of her voice. Even the most cynical of cynics will adore Gabel and her delivery. She echoes the charm of Joni Mitchell. What she has is an invisible warmness. A little breathier, a bit more darker in her tone one of her opening lines I feel the world has lost its mind sends chills before triggering into a robust acoustic riff. When she coos ‘ooooooh’ it’s like the world stops. Her lines like the sun will shine again, we got to love this world we’re in is a stark reminder that times are very grey right now, but if we hunker down, we can get out of this. You have to make the best of the situation and what better way to do that is to put what bent up energy you have into song. “Stir Crazy” is proof of turning a negative into a positive. And Gabel is just the right person to rally the wallflowers and worn out listeners.

The acoustic guitar choice is an interesting one. I think the instrument gathers the right amount of anxiety and restlessness. It would be an easier choice to have a disconnected, juggernaut of electric guitars and pounding drum kicks. Instead, Gabel confines her work with a bit more class, a bit more majestic tones to her work. I like that she dazzles it up so much that at times you can hear the neck of the guitar break. It’s smooth, but cluttered just enough to imagine an unsettled soul in the midst of her work. All I know is Gabel suspends us into her disbelief, transfixes us listeners and we give our full attention to her for just under four-minute ditty.

Gabel, whose other releases include “Straight To Voicemail”, “High Heeled Shoes” and “Two Hearts One Soul”, is a former TV promo producer and writer at Nickelodeon/MTV Networks. Her acting resume includes roles on Charmed and General Hospital. A local fan favorite in Pennsylvania, Gabel took home the top fans choice award, discovered artist, outstanding female artist, outstanding all around performer and best song at the Lehigh Valley Music Awards in 2017, 2018 and 2019. She’s clearly on her way to enjoying what may likely turn out to be an evergreen career in music and the performing. “Stir Crazy” is an infectious tune and one that shouldn’t be ignored. Gabel delivers yet again another gem.

Michael Rand

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