Singer/Songwriter Linda Imperial Releases Single/Lyric Video

In her new single “My Heart Rocks” and its playful lyric video, singer/songwriter Linda Imperial works a classic club beat with an added electricity not commonly found among modern crooners by any measurement. Although this is hardly the first occasion on which Imperial has strutted through the studio with a powerful command of the lyrics rivaling the best in the industry, there’s definitely something a bit more relaxed in her execution here. There’s nothing in her path, and yet she reticently dances around the hook as to build up the tension well beyond what we’re expecting it to be. By the time we hit the climax, the cathartic release is powered as much by the vocal as it is the collective intensity of the band – making this single feel like a superstar anthem in every way. 





The lead vocal in this song was bound to be potent in every department, and though it’s strong enough to serve as the lead for the entire mix, it isn’t overindulgent in any juncture of this performance at all. Imperial has always been pretty good about controlling her melodic output just enough to give the beat a fair share of the spotlight, but her disciplined attitude in “My Heart Rocks” could be one of the best she’s ever put on master tape. Long-term listeners who have followed her development over the years will be the best judge of this angle, but personally, I think there’s an argument to be made that she’s raising the bar for herself enormously in this release. 

The lyric video for “My Heart Rocks” is a simple one that doesn’t invite a lot of bombast into the fold, and I think this was important as to keep the focus on the music more than anything cosmetic (a standard in Linda Imperial’s long and storied career, to be fair). The percussive component is made to drive the track and not any of the imagery that we’re being presented with on screen, and although there are a couple of moments in which the video feels specifically DIY, I don’t know that this wasn’t a deliberate feature at all. This is, after all, a bit an indie veteran we’re discussing, and continuing to adhere to the standards of unblemished rebellion should actually be expected in these types of circumstances. 

Linda Imperial hasn’t been questioned much on when she’s going to call it a day on her professional life in the studio, but from the looks of this most recent offering I would have to say she’s nowhere near finished in her campaign at this moment in time. “My Heart Rocks” bludgeons the silence with a vitality no music enthusiast should be missing out on this midwinter season, and despite a bevy of options when it comes to selecting premier new indie tunes in 2021, I don’t know that there’s another singer/songwriter in the game quite like Imperial. She’s got a skill that simply isn’t teachable, and she’s making it work for her quite brilliantly here. 

Michael Rand

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