“$$$ in the Bank (Let Go)” by Singer/Songwriter “Jason Shand”

For what it’s worth, Jason Shand has been putting up the good fight in indie music for nearly two decades. Having released his eponymous debut EP in 2004, Shand is no stranger to the ups and downs that come with the music industry, and starting at just about the dawn of the monolithic streaming era can be seen as this generation’s “school of hard knocks.”

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Having to tango with the ebb and flow of a truly transformative art form in a never stable, never sleeping industry can ask a lot of a person — it feels pretty industry-standard to capsize before the end of your first year, but Shand has proven he’s simply built differently. With a decade between projects, his debut LP cemented his intents to stick around, and, luckily, he’s made good on such ambitions. This fall will see the release of Shand’s highly-anticipated second album The Petty Narcissist, a fact fans are already well aware of thanks to his first single, “I Know.”

Delivering on a similar theme and attitude established in its first single, Shand’s next single off of The Petty Narcissist has arrived in the form of “$$$ in the Bank (Let Go).” Working both as an established anthem and a self-care pop hit, there’s plenty to take away from the second single — catchiness seems like the first and foremost focus for this single with the song delivering a pointedly easy chorus: “I’ve got the money in the bank (bank),” repeated quite a few times, but there’s an inherent undercurrent of championing self-worth and validation across the lyrics, too. Growing up and out of a former relationship, bringing in the “(Let Go)” from the title, works as much needed connective tissue for the song’s narrative structure. Shann has said about the song’s title, “I use the term ‘$$$ in the Bank’ more so as a metaphor for all the love in my heart… but it’s ok if some take those lyrics literally.” The double entendre runs deep across the single’s lyrics, a smart decision on Shand’s part.

Jason Shand’s past with music has come to a head with the pending release of The Petty Narcissist, and the one-two punch of “I Know” and “$$$ in the Bank…” are a fantastic statement of intent from someone who has been there to truly experience the cocoon of musical evolution as an indie force. The Petty Narcissist is bound to be a great return for Shand after a few years off, returning just in time to fully embrace the freshly reinvigorated soft rock indie scene. It’s too early to call our shots on the breadth of Jason Shand’s influence on the coming years of indie, but his contributions are certain to be taken in by those willing to listen.

There’s plenty of metaphorical money in Shand’s bank to go around, and he’s set on spreading it as he comes closer to the new album’s release. The ability to sing along to the chorus shows the makings of a fantastic song to hear (and play) live, so this album release tour is going to be one for the books.

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