Brandyn Cross Releases Jaw Dropping New Single

is going to have a keen sense of humor and perhaps, might be a songwriter with something even more profound to say. Brandyn Cross, the singer/songwriter behind that Nashville Song Festival-winning tune, is back on track with “If Money Talks (It Ain’t on Speakin’ Terms With Me)” co-written by Daryl Stevenett. An independent release, Cross’ song sets him apart and into the depths of John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and Bob Dylan lyric structures. A dying breed, perhaps, but it’s not just another elder statesman’s nagging advice. A true artist, Cross is candid and unfiltered.


“If Money Talks” communicates to the listener a man that has given his all for his art and just can’t reconcile that his efforts doesn’t lead to a windfall. Whatever I do, it just don’t pay, the free-spoken Cross sings. Besides music, Cross has a bevy of acting roles under his belt. He’s been in films such as Dreamworld, Internal Hope and The Medicine Show. He’s been in several TV commercials, is a published author and is currently working on a film he wrote called Candle in the Wind. It sounds like a dizzying amount of work, but one would never guess being overworked by the sound of his voice in “If Money Talks”. What I heard, as a listener, is a man that is content and pleased. He can’t do much about it, but he’s going to sing about it, instead.

For a while he couldn’t do anything about it. A train accident left Cross without his left leg. For five years he devoted his time to his well-being and rehabilitating his body. He considers himself a disabled musician, but not on the sidelines. “If Money Talks” is not just a man and a lonely guitar. The sound is robust, full of live and symbolic of hope, feeling put upon and even a few stumbles. I think it’s the soundtrack to his life. He doesn’t mention the train accident in the lyrics, but I think the allegory is that life keeps trying to kick him, and he gets back up. He deals with it. A working man’s still in prison and the banker holds the key, he sings. The drums beat a bit softer, then louder, and change things up, much like a bank account balance.

A steel guitar wraps like ribbons around Cross voice, as do electric keys off in the distance. The keys’ presence adds a bit of romance, a classier tone. The violin, interestingly enough, might give the same polished sound in most cases. In the case of “If Money Talks” it enlightens the listener into a more rural, Americana shell. You fall into the country-laced strings, wanting to dance under the moonlight to the violin and Cross’ epic voice. Altogether, Cross’ backing music is a spirited sheen of Americana, rockabilly, rock, blues and lots of country. In one tiny song, Cross sings with the vitality of a thousand wild horses. His aching tale is poetically beautiful.

Michael Rand

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