Mikey See drops new Single

Mikey See drops new Single

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“Don’t Wait,” the brand-new single from up-and- coming R&B Pop singer/songwriter Mikey See, is burning up Spotify for good reason. The New York-born, Los Angeles-based vocalist channels immense self-awareness for a 20 year old, whose struggles are amplified into a thunderous triumph on songs like this one. With its dark, echoing drum beat that instantly evokes trip hop acts like Massive Attack, Mikey See takes us down the rabbit hole of love-driven desperation. The lyrics beg for us to not hold back, never second guess ourselves, and chase after the kind of love that we can conceptualize, but never quite realize, when we’re wrapped up in a shell. The glossy clicking of the drums excels into sprint-speed on the chorus, as if to remind us of running down a beach in the night. Mikey See doesn’t feel free, but it’s impossible not to embrace the freedom-inspiring drawl of his carefully placed yearning.

Club tracks are often written off as purely dance music. “Don’t Wait” flirts with body-moving bass and twice-refined layers of vocals, but it still plays like a clip from a mixtape in all the right ways. Perhaps it’s the raw emotions Mikey wears on his sleeve that manage to break the plastic open, or it’s just that producer Glenn Travis knows all the right moves to make this music accessible, bordering on catchy. Instrumental guru Mantra’s rhythm creates shades of Michael Jackson that penetrate the somber piano slinking around Mikey’s pleas. It’s easy to get lost in the piano’s ambience, and start to consider your own hesitations in life.

For a song that only took 30 minutes to write, it seems all 20 years of life make an appearance in varying colors here. The inspiration for “Don’t Wait” came out of a painful breakup that led to a Jersey getaway, according to Mikey. In a motel room, left alone with his thoughts, came a five minute anthem that can contend with any of the hottest pop offerings from Rhianna or

Justin Bieber. The deep compassion that it takes to truly love someone is a hard concept to grasp. For some people it can take a lifetime, others never even come close. Mikey speaks to all of us lost lovers on this one. The exciting thing about young artists like Mikey is their seemingly unlimited ability to push the boundaries of social awareness, even if it means exposing their own flaws. But in an age where everyone is paranoid  and seemingly sensitive to any perceived damage to one’s ego, ever does vulnerability feel so good and freeing. Whether it’s giving up someone you thought was the whole world, watching it collapse from the outside or simply existing in the polarizing moments of love and hate, Mikey See is here to document all the carnage and turn it into the slow jam we need right now. And when you consider his tremendous work ethic and fearless live presence, it’s easy to picture Mikey’s next tracks topping the Billboards in the near future.

SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/track/7bCgk6TpKdFW3KHoZgfK4W?si=OVzdDe63Sp-TCmILEu9itw

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