Vernon Little: “The Chance To Tell You”

Vernon Little: “The Chance To Tell You”


The recent EP release by seasoned music, rhyming veteran, Vernon Little is entitled “Double Minded”. His newest single, the leading track called “The Chance To Tell You”, is an old school R&B type hip-hop celebration. The album is a mixture of urban pop, R&B, hip-hop, soul, rap, with a hint of gospel. It’s immersed in harmonies, beats, stories, messages, and cool rhymes.

This new single is DOPE….not in the drug sense, but in the amazing song that I really love sense. I am reminded of Hip-Hop’s Golden Era, with all the great, fun artists with a positive message. It is a blast, and made me pull out my old albums of Father MC, Big Daddy Kane, Sugarhill Gang, MC Hammer, LL Cool J and all the other great MC’s who’s music was so great to listen to back in the day, as well as today. Little has really recreated old-school sounds of a wonderful time in music, and it is much appreciated. Vernon Little really spits clever, thought provoking lyrics to the mic, with a gospel, religious message that was inspirational, and very welcome in this day and age.

I have to mention the other tracks on the new EP, as the entire album is worth downloading. Positive music with an old school incredibly fun vibe. “Doubled Minded 2″ the second track begins with a multitude of brass then is quickly subdued into a smart and soulful rhyme. The third tract is called ” One Day at a Time”, a lesson in learning about life. The final track is an addictive best about the artist’s love for hip-hop, naming all the famous rollers in the planet. The album is a powerful mix of message and music, vocalized clearly and prolifically. The music and lyrics are compelling and captivating. The album can be sampled on Vernon’s reverbnation. I love that there is an artist who is releasing music that can benefit the world, making it a better place for everyone without sounding preachy, or degrading anyone in the process.

Vernon Little is making great music, and has created his own genre: Holy Hip-Hop. Delivering his testimony and trying to reach the masses to let them know how God has helped him in his life, and hopefully giving others hope to let God help them too. The artist, Vernon Little hails from the Bronx where he has been rapping and recording for the past 30 years. He started his career in a group but soon after decided to go solo. Before this EP he had released his last album in 2011 entitled , “A New Beginning”. Now his hot EP is hot off the press so to speak and available to download. The release sets the scene for one to listen, learn, and enjoy. I highly recommend this new EP by Vernon Little, and the new single “The Chance To Tell You,” as it is telling and encouraging hard-core, old-school hip hop for the masses.

Michael Rand

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