Tone Malone – Everyday is Your Day

Tone Malone – Everyday is Your Day


If you’re in the market for new music that leaves you feeling uplifted and excited about falling head over heels for that special someone, Tone Malone’s “Everyday is Your Day,” aptly subtitled “The Wedding Song,” is a beautiful look into the respect and devotion that marriage can provide.

Respect is a word people overuse a lot in western culture, so much so that its true meaning sometimes falls to the wayside. Tone doesn’t mince words when it comes to his passion in “Everyday,” softly telling us all the ways that every day of the week is special because of the light in his life, the love that burns like a thousand candles keeping the dark, lonely nights safe and warm. The contrast between a single life and a life that’s shared by two is never more obvious than when Tone sings “Seems the very first day I saw you girl/I knew that everyday of the week I wanted you to be apart of my world, yeah… Everyday would be yours and my day”

It’s hard to tell because of the hypnotic nature of the vocals, but the faint humming of a church organ seems to compliment the primary instrumentation of the piano. Although it doesn’t necessarily fit the bill to be called a full-on gospel song, the positive message and uplifting tone of the track feels nonetheless divine. Does gospel music have to mention god or Jesus by name to evoke some of the same emotions? Tone comes awful close here just with the nature of his vocal approach.

A lot of artists feel the need to add a lot of additional sampling to tracks that are lyrically driven, mostly out of self-consciousness or insecurity, but Tone’s confidence fills all the empty spaces, making even a headphone sanctioned listen feel like an intimate live performance on a secluded beach. Creating that sort of sound demands an ear for the prismatic, a dose of self-control, and a lot of musical inclination.

Rhythm and blues music has seen a drastic revolution in the 2010s that has both inspired new artists and seen a resurgence of older acts coming back into the fold. With the advent of hip-hop creating new levels of cultural and social importance, a new generation of beat poets born equally of Allen Ginsberg and Eazy E have begun to take hold of the reigns of our modern pop culture. Deeply inward looking lyrics are beginning to take the place of the stereotypical, mundane source material that makes up the well that commercial acts safely draw from year in and year out. “Everyday” is quite representative of that epic trend, putting a new, northern California spin on a sound too frequently monopolized by the southern side of the state and its commercial motivations. Always willing to collaborate, Tone Malone has worked with a number of other artists in his scene and in R&B, hip-hop and trip-hop circles around the country (including an exciting new single with Choqlate Songbird and Kaleo Ross, “Stay Down (By My Side)”). Something tells me that things are only about to get bigger and better for Tone as we enter the next exciting decade of pop music.

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