Sherry Nelson: Supermodel Rising

Her flawless beauty captures all that meet her at first glance. Within 3 minutes of meeting Sherry her even more beautiful persona holds your heart hostage forever more. 

Having placed in a Maxim Modeling Contest it’s easy to understand why Sherry will ultimately become a household name and inspiration for all women. Growing up in a Canadian town with only 80 people and working as a lumber trader it seems hard to believe she is as worldly as she seems. Still with a flair of innocence Sherry Nelson charms those she comes in contact with. 

I exchanged questions and answers with Sherry so that I might share some insight of this incredible lady with the rest of the planet. 

What were some of your highlights during your Hollywood excursion?

So many great things in such a short period time during my trip to Hollywood! The sun, the palm trees, but most poignant for me was the kindness and energy of the people I met.

The legendary Ron Russell ~ I could sit with that man for hours learning his history and his perspective on life.

Jimmy Star ~ the most selfless and energetic professional I have ever met! 

Going to a club with you, Soho Johnny, and Nino and hearing such great music performed by the legendary Scott Page and the Think:Exp Band. 

As well meeting Billy Hess, an amazing photographer, along with stylist/designer Mark De Alwis will be my most memorable highlights!

As a Maxim Model What was your take on Sue Wong’s fashion show?

Her designs were graceful and elegant, and when she added the element of a strong base and rock music to her show, it boosted the momentum of her designs to a more edgy appeal that really caught the ear and eye of every demographic in the room to enjoy.

What inspired you to enter the contest for Maxim?

Honestly, I thought it would be a quick in and out, lasting no more than a week without anyone knowing.

But I think at some point we all wonder what it would be like to see ourselves in a magazine. I was fortunate that a magazine as coveted as Maxim was offering a contest to anyone in the world to enter, so why not? I believe it is important to take a risk from time to time to keep your internal energy and excitement fired up 😉

Plus, being within the context of Maxim, with all those beautiful girls was something I wanted to say I tried 😊

Was the Sue Wong Gala inspirational for you?

Of course! To be able to bring that many people to a cause you believe in is a major accomplishment and just proves how successful and respected she is by her peers in this industry.

The attendees at the event were all established in their own right within the entertainment industry. And since this business essentially stems from art in one form or another, I was in awe being able to meet and connect with such creative and ambitious minds.

Growing up Canadian in a very small town do you think you were prepared for Oscar night?

Not at all! It’s one thing to be an observer, and quite another to be one of the ones being observed on a red carpet.

By the grace of God, I have have a few friends that were critical in helping me look like I might fit in with such an exclusive group.

Ann Ferriday @annferriday was gracious enough to style me, and make up artist Michelle Vanderhule @beautybymichellev used her artistic creativity to create a glamorous look for me for the event. 

Tell us about your background before Maxim?

I am from a small community in south western British Columbia where I did international lumber sales for my family’s lumber manufacturing company.

What drives you?

My father. He is very well respected and is the most honest and hard-working man I know. With that in mind, I have always wanted to do good, and be a good person so that he would be proud of me.

Who were your influences growing up?

Of course my father, but I am also inspired by strong, caring women that make a difference.

Being a Royal watcher in Canada, I loved Princess Diana, who made it ok to touch (physically and mentally) those with devastating illnesses such as AIDS and leprosy, to show that everyone no matter their circumstance is entitled to be loved and comforted and anyone else. I believe that before that, these poor suffering people were made to feel weakened again through isolation due to an illness they never wanted to have.

I admire Suzanne Somers who has tirelessly made it OK for us to question a general diagnosis from traditional medicine when you know something is not right. Her drive to be proactive about one’s personal health and quality of life and to question and seek out new avenues is inspiring.

As a contemporary role model, without a doubt is Jennifer Lopez. Her ambition, work ethic, and drive, while reinforcing the fact that age is just a number is inspirational.  Her Super Bowl half time show with Shakira will be legendary and set the standard of how to completely energize such a large venue.

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Interview by Eileen Shapiro

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