ShaQ:Muzik “Let Me Be the One” (single)

Rather than following the popular trend of exploiting physicality over provocative stylization, ShaQ:Muzik does the exact opposite with his latest single “Let Me Be the One,” and yields tremendously spellbinding content as a result. Listeners who are familiar with the British urban sensation have come to expect a lot out of his releases, which borrow from EDM, R&B, trance, trip-hop and anything else that happens to suit his mood at the moment, and this song lives up to their expectations quite well. ShaQ:Muzik has got one of the most distinctively recognizable voices among his peers, and though his music tends to bury us in mountains of textured bass and vocal harmonies that seem to effortlessly reach into the heavens, this track capitalizes on his natural skillset and craters anyone within earshot with his amazing depth of emotionality. The lyrics and music that we discover in “Let Me Be the One” are equally evocative and forge images that will remind anyone who has ever been in love before of exactly what it feels like to become lost in the heat of the moment.


In a lot of ways, this is more mature, fully-developed material from ShaQ:Muzik than we’ve heard so far, but I don’t think that it completely overshadows what he’s accomplished with the release of singles “Get Down,” “My One & Only Love” and “Let Me in Your Heart Again.” There’s no getting around the fact that this is the aspiring British producer at his most relaxed and confident in the studio, as is evidenced in his sublime drawl that punctuates the entire track with raw, organic vitality. At the same time though, even with the diversely appointed mix that this song features, it’s still very much a part of the evolutionary trajectory that started with his debut and led to the surprising success of his last couple of singles (one of which, I should point out, is nominated for a Grammy). “Let Me Be the One” owes as much to stony dream pop as it does more conventional R&B, but there isn’t a second where this single devolves into the laughable “hybrid” territory that has become a total sand trap for talented young soul crooners with just as much ambition as ShaQ:Muzik has.

2018 was anything but a slow year for this cat, but with a track as contagiously fun and tender as this one is to get the year rolling with, my gut tells me that 2019 is going to be just as exciting a time for this rising pop star. As both a producer and a performer, ShaQ:Muzik has demonstrated a level of skill that doesn’t come around every day, or even every year for that matter, and the sprawling arrangement that he dishes out here will only maximize his already buzzworthy momentum. “Let Me Be the One” leaves a heck of an impression for how relatively short and to the point it is when all of its acrylic facets are stripped away and what’s left is a sexy melody and a divine beat that’s hard to forget once you’ve been exposed to it. Put simply, you’re going to want to give this single a spin if you live for premium, sumptuous modern audio.


Michael Rand

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