“Santa Don’t Pass Me By” (SINGLE) by Tanille

Move over Mariah Carey, there’s a new Queen of Christmas in town. Tanille, the songbird that last brought us the gift “Not This Time”, energizes the room once again with the magical “Santa Don’t Pass Me By”. An immediate hook and Tanille’s soprano harmonies, this song is an instant hit that sure to be climbing the holiday charts in the years to come. And then some. The infectious chorus, and a faint but every so cozy saxophone are just a sliver of the tingly music bed, “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” will have everyone singing along soon enough.

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Playful and flirty, the lovely Tanille sings like a pop queen in full control. The backing music bed is just as joyful, and contains the perfect trimmings of a holiday song. Bright piano keys, the sounds of sleighing bells and a rhythm that could easily fill your heart just as easily as your shopping bags, the New York-based Tanille has the voice that could really belt out. Alas, she’s saving her range and octaves for Santa and this mystery man that has left the picture. She’s waiting for him at home – some wires appear to be crossed- and hoping he returns. Standing by the mistletoe all night, please come by, she sings.

The chorus, a great earworm if ever there was one, has Tanille repeating three times, Santa, please bring my baby home tonight, Santa don’t you pass me by. I just love a great pop song, and I love it even more when it’s a Christmas song. Tanille’s entertainer spirit is tangible. She has been wooing crowds since she was three, and you can hear the influences of such icons as Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin in her voice. She’s definitely fully capable of standing in her own spotlight, but because this is a holiday track, I must throw out there that I felt like she could be in the same arena as Natalie Cole.  I could be subconsciously doing that because it’s a Christmas song, but I liked the tones and the textures in Tanille’s voice. She’s brimming with love and energy. She’s not freaking out and it’s not a sad song, but you’re keeping your fingers crossed for her that her man does come back. But I believe he will. Call me a Hallmark Christmas movie junkie, but things always work out in the end during Christmas.


I can definitely hear the universal appeal to this song, and the imagery Tanille creates. You can see her donning a warm sweater, getting the fire ready, fixing the mantle so all the decorations are perfect. It’s all so clear and she transports you to her world. She also sends her emotion to the listener, and conveys the hope and love for not only her man, but love for the season. Don’t be a scrooge and leave “Santa Don’t Pass Me By” off your Spotify and playlists this year. Tanille is a vision and an exciting, spunky singer. She definitely makes the 2020 ‘nice’ list.

Michael Rand

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