Joseph Eid – “Watch It Fall”

Joseph Eid – “Watch It Fall”


Joseph Eid is not new to the music scene and one of the first things you can tell from his new song “Watch It Fall” is that voice of his that is simply adorable. “Watch It Fall” is a simple song, not simple in a lack of complexity but in the way that it tells a story that you can sit down and be a part of just by listening to it. The distinctive pop folk sound is beautiful to the ear.

The song is mellow, talking about a person who has always been in the same house for a long time, developing connections with the history of the place and all the issues that build strength, through relationships and everything else. Joseph Eid is a great songwriter and you can easily tell by the way he weaves the content from the lyrics to the melody.

In terms of creativity, Joseph Eid uses a unique style that can be compared to a Colbie Caillat in that it’s folksy and pop-ful. Even though the tempo is quite upbeat, it just works! That is what we love the most about this song. It is produced by Brian Soucy and Joseph also claims co-producing rights to the song. The vocals and the instrumentals are put together in such a way that the harmony is easy to hear. It comes out as a smooth, happy song that you can listen to.

Joseph’s first album, ‘Human,’ released in 2013 also has the same vibe and “Watch It Fall” goes to show how much his music has advanced over the years. The melody is much catchier, and his vocals have become stronger and more flexible. He indeed has come a long way from his early years in the streets of New York. Born into a conservative family, Joseph is actually a trained psychologist and studied pre-medicine in college before choosing to become a musician.

Joseph has seen his music catch the attention of magazines like American Songwriter. He was also listed as one of the hottest 100 unsigned artists in a list done in the Music Connection Magazine. He now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to make music and grow his career. “Watch It Fall” is a soulful song that any listener can relate to. It is so full of emotion that tells a deep story of the journeys of life and how it shapes one’s perspective. Speaking about his inspiration, Joseph mentioned that this song was written when he was facing a difficult time in his life. This song perhaps tells the story all too well and is very easily relatable.

His soft, smooth voice is easy to enjoy, despite the folk sound not being one of the most mainstream. However, when you combine the acoustics of the instruments, the end result is unmistakable. Joseph’s new song is one that we will rate a 4.5/5 on the basis of the melody, vocals and the content.


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