Christian Heath “One”

Christian Heath “One”


Johannesburg, South Africa transplant Christian Heath has just recorded an incredible Pop/Rock debut solo EP entitled “One,” which is also the name of the track that I found myself listening to over and over again.  “One” is a world song featuring indie rapper Infidelix, a texas native who’s collaboration turns the title track into a synthesized pop song that you will be singing in your head for days to come. As soon as I heard the introduction to the song, I had a flashback of “We are The World,” with all the vocals coming from two extremely talented artists.

The EP features six songs, and none of them are fillers included to take up space.

Track Listing “One” by Christian Heath:

  1. I’m Yours
  2. One (A World Song) Ft. Infidelix
  3. Tonight
  4. No Good For You
  5. Paradise
  6. Magic

“I’m Yours” resonates with Heath’s smooth vocals, including themes of love and romance that explode in the songs chorus to heavenly delight. As I mentioned earlier, “One” is the standout track that has hit single all over it.  If Shakira and Enrique Iglesias had a musical child together, than Christian Heard’s “Tonight” could be the offspring they would produce. It’s catchy, danceable and sure to please the masses. “No Good For You” is a standout pop song that easily fits into the landscape of the pop music radio hits of today. “Paradise” is probably my second favorite song on the EP. The type of song you can sing along to when you are with that special individual in your life. It’s catchy, has a great message and is a heartfelt, upbeat ballad that shows an incredible range in the vocal ability of Christian Heath. The final track “Magic” is a banging club track that had me bopping my head back and forth as I listened to the lyrics, beat and sing-along-a-bility. I know that sing-along-a-bility is not a real word, but the song is so good it needs a really comprehensible word to describe it. I found myself listening to all the tracks on “One” many times over, and think that Christian Heath is an artist who could actually conquer the world of pop music and become a household name like Justin Timberlake or Richard Marx.

I highly recommend “One” by Christian Heath for anyone who loves great pop music. This is one EP that will not disappoint, as it encapsulates all that makes the genre fun and enjoyable. The production value on all six tracks are crystal clear, his vocal range fits perfect for this set of songs and it is a great collection of really good pop music that deserves to be played over and over again. All six tracks are different and unique, yet they all fit together into a well thought out and planned EP that showcases the true talent of a singer/songwriter deserving of attention for the great musical contributions he is making to the world of entertainment. Get your copy of “One” today you definitely won’t regret it.

Addison Coleman @JournalistAC approved by Michael Rand

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