Review: Andie Duquette “Here We Are” by Addison Coleman

“Lock Stock and Barrel,” the first song on Andie Duquette’s new album Here We Are, has an appropriately country-sounding title and the sound to go with it. Banjos and a peppy clapping beat build up to a pre-chorus in which Duquette tells a lover “you ain’t Keith Urban, but you’re mine, all mine!” Much like the Australian Keith, Andie Duquette is approaching the country music genre from a perspective outside of the U.S.—specifically, she’s a Montreal-bred artist who’s recorded plenty of music in French as well as English. That French-Canadian accent pops up a few times on the album’s lyrics, which makes Duquette’s already appealing voice feel even more unique. With her laid-back country-pop style and charmingly raspy tones, it’s inevitable that Duquette will be compared to Sheryl Crow. I was reminded of a different female vocalist from the early 90s alternative world, though: Nina Gordon of grunge band Veruca Salt, who had a similarly throaty and energetic voice on hits like “Seether” and “Volcano Girls.” As that comparison suggests, Andie Duquette takes just as much inspiration from rock as country, which comes through with a cover of Joan Jett & The Blackhearts’ “I Hate Myself For Loving You” midway through the album. (Interestingly, the next track “Stop Kicking My Heart Around” is not actually a Tom Petty cover, but one of the heavier bits of blues rock on the record.)

There’s a sunny, partying atmosphere that’s consistent through most of Here We Are, continuing in tunes like the danceable love ditty “Show Me Now” and the girl’s night tribute “Go All Night.” However, in the tradition of the country ballad, the album has some songs where the mood becomes more slow and melancholic. “A Mom And Her Son” is a sweet ode to parenting through the years, and closing track “Here We Are” makes poignant use of a harmonica and acoustic guitar. Then there’s the story behind “Nothin’ On Me,” a triumphant early track about proving internet naysayers and trolls wrong. Here We Are is a summer treat for fans of any of the acts mentioned above. 

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4/5 Stars

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