Pale Monsters – “All This Time We Wait”

Pale Monsters – “All This Time We Wait”


I’ve not heard of these guys before hearing this single. I will definitely have to delve a bit deeper into finding out just what this act is really all about after hearing this song. I really like this one quite a lot. The mix of sounds these guys have created here shows that they think well outside of the predictable. Yet they show that they can make that decision and still have the ability keep their music accessible.

There is a real screaming, grungey quality to this, and I am a big fan of that aspect of the sound. The song almost feels like what you might get if you (in a very absurd moment) merged something like the Proclaimers with a punk band and added some particularly prominent keyboards. The end result is catchy and a whole hell of a lot of fun.

This single comes from the first full length disc from this Boston based band. As much as I like this, I will have to see what the rest of their music sounds like. They have clearly drawn me in with this first offering. It will be interesting to see if they can deliver in the long haul.

Over many years of life as a music fan, and quite a few (but less) as a reviewer, I have come across my fair share of music where the single is great, but the rest of the album sounds nothing like it – and really doesn’t stand up at all. I’m sure you’ve had that very same experience, too. It’s often a universal for music fans, and one of the reasons people got sick of buying full albums at one time. I hope that doesn’t turn out to be the case with these guys because I really like this so much. It would be a disappointment if the rest isn’t as good as this first helping is. Even if that turned out to be true, though, I’d still have this rocker. And in the final analysis that would still be pretty damn good.

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