Nicola Thoms drops new single

Nicola Thoms drops new single


Young singer and songwriter, Nicola Thoms, of East London’s new single “Beautiful Mind” is a sublime Pop song of colossal proportion, with a sultry voice and soulful groove that doesn’t come along every day. A classic in its own-right, which is hard to find. There’s a star quality that is instantly recognizable as her own, and it’s almost hard to believe when you hear her sing. She’s been interested in performing from a very early age, at 16 she attended the Brit School of Performing Arts to study music and this is when she really began to develop her love of writing.


Having grown up surrounded by soul and R&B throughout her childhood, long car journeys with her parents spawned influences like Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill and even Michael Jackson who helped lay the foundation of her love for music. Also drawing inspiration from current artists such as Lianne La Havas and Amy Winehouse, all of which she clearly sounds like at times on this single, but with her own developing signature style and sound she’s vastly establishing. And this new track has a story behind it because it’s a tribute to her grandfather who passed away.

What I like most about her voice is how it registers on both the high and the lower scales with the ease of ten voices. It owns the song and that likely applies to everything she sings, of which I’ve only sampled one other track called “Nothing On me” which is also magnificent in every way, with a romantic flair not found on “Beautiful Mind.” The difference between the former and the latter is mood, structure and there’s the obvious subject matter.

“Beautiful Mind” is an outpouring of emotions from Thoms, like that of no other soul, R&B and Pop singer working today. She reminds of some other stars from London, Joss Stone in-particular but with a much more dimensional voice. She has the potential to reach the corners of the musical globe, and this track is one big step in that direction. Just one listen and you’re hooked on the range of her voice, and it goes from there. The lyrics hit home about her grandfather and a great song is born and you can get lost within one minute of it. The song hits you like a song should, with every once of her energy.


She treats her grandfather like a hero who’d be proud to here this homage, and it must be something of a treat for members of her family as well. It’s amazing how she can be serious and not lose sight of the song and please ears from one end to the other. She doesn’t only have the chops and knows how to use them, she’s forging her own voice of steel and it’s enticing to think of what comes next for Nicola Thoms, but I’m already looking forward to what the future brings from this world class artist. As many more of these as possible and she’s here to stay for good.

Michael Rand

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