Singer Tiffany Sayers Releases “My Body Knows”

Singer Tiffany Sayers is full of surprise. She’s also full of heartfelt emotions and delivers a multi-layered, textured pop rock single “My Body Knows”. Maybe it’s because her voice sounds like what a prism might. It’s full of light, bends sometimes into a twang and during other moments she bounces between soul and blues. Her voice lingers for hours and if that’s not enough, the lyrics in “My Body Knows” are incredibly relatable to teenagers or young souls of any age. To capture the human spirit is one thing, and that constant back-and-forth between the head and the heart is displayed quite cleverly in her song.


Sayers, who is based in Los Angeles, sings to her listeners the idea of what is going on in her mind. She’s passionate about her relationship and wants to take things further, but she’s also making sure she’s not going to fast. Everything’s on fire, she sings. A few moments later she sings to slow down, slow down. I felt like she’s incredibly genuine in her delivery. She’s also quite transparent. I felt that about her right-away. Sometimes when you hear songs about similar subject matter or the same context, you don’t always feel like the singer captures that insecurity or even fear. That emotion is so universal, yet there is a stigma to it. I think Sayers treads it in the perfect way. She’s not bold or angry, she’s just letting out her emotions.

She sings that nobody told her heart that she’s falling in love, but her body knows. Can’t explain why I feel this way, she continues. The song’s bridge has an electric guitar that at first is reluctant. The guitar definitely has a build-up to it. It does break free, and the crunchy guitar riffs are quite unexpected. As mentioned above, her voice in general takes on different timbres and tones. I loved that. I felt like not only did it give the song more dimension and more ways to really get lost in the words and her voice, but I think it gives Sayers the upper-hand in standing out amongst a sea of pop singers. She’s also like a butterfly. Just when you think you’ve got it settled and within your reach, while it sits on the flower petal, it flies away. Higher and higher it goes, flying its own unique path. Her voice has a flutter to it, a natural cadence that is sweet. Near the song’s end, a dreamy electric piano plays out before it finally fades away. I really loved how she doesn’t define what happened and what her final decision was. Did she go all the way? Is she still fighting it, or is it a constant emotion with her partner?

Maybe it’s like she sings can’t explain why I feel this way, but I felt like I just loved this song more than I thought I would. It has a freshness to it and Sayers comes across rather confidently even though the lyrics to the song suggest differently. I’m ready for more Tiffany Sayers and optimistic she will continue to churn out great songs.

You can stream ‘My Body Knows’ everywhere March 11th, 2021.

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