ALYST Drops “Gleeming” SIngle

From the refined, and picturesque simplicity of Kentucky all the way to the variegated complexity of New York City, ALYST has accumulated mileage. He describes his sound as a hybrid of R&B and Hip Hop, and his new single , “Gleeming,” has just a hint of metropolitan menace. ALYST, who is an accomplished tennis player, trained by Richard Williams, none other than Serena’s and Venus’s father, has not lost his competitive streak. In fact, much of the spirit that “Gleeming,” was written in, is that of ALYST pontificating his inevitable greatness. While that may sound like a story you’ve heard before, ALYST does have something of a personalized approach.


With a subtle backdrop, ALYST comes in hard, but steady on “Gleeming.” It’s got a sort of cannabis intensity, that’s chill, but not lacking in conviction. ALYST, himself, has something of a cool factor, but seems more in line with the alternative, than the mainstream. There is an edginess to his work on “Gleeming,” that would probably be more effective, sans some of the superfluous cliches. Hip Hop is a genre that is notorious for appealing to its audiences preferences, but is most effective, when at its most exigent.

ALYST is signed to Affluent Records, which is run by Oscar Sanchez, who is also given a writing credit on “Gleeming.” You get the feeling that Sanchez has a very hands on approach in the presentation of ALYST, or that it’s a highly collaborative effort. In all of ALYST’s promotional material, he is depicted as being self-assured and defiant. He wears the outfit, well, but there does seem to be additional layers, underneath, that could prove to be far more fascinating. Time will tell as to the range that ALYST possesses as an artist.

In the video for “Gleeming,” we essentially get the setting for a modern urban crime drama. ALYST, in varying states of dress, confidently and in some ways, confrontationally, gazes into the camera, throughout the piece. We see stacks of cash, and a young lady, that seem to declare ALYST’s primary motivations. If it weren’t for ALYST’S screen presence, and the relative quality of the track, much of this would be far less interesting. There’s a smoldering sense of danger that lurks in the way this video is shot that also helps it stand out.

Although  ALYST is still something of a work in progress, he does seem to know who he is. As previously referenced, there are layers yet to be uncovered, but the artist’s core is established. “Gleeming,” may or may not leave you wanting more, but it’s enough to prove that ALYST is the real deal. As a standalone track, “Gleeming” is a fine introductory piece to ALYST. It’s replete enough to be defining, but open ended enough to leave the scent of mystique.  While it’s going to require a bit more time to reach ALYST’S lofty goals, he might have what it takes to eventually find his name, on the right list.

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