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How do you stay close to the initial intention you have for your music?

For me it’s just staying true to myself, trying to make songs that feel like they could only be made by me. Sometimes that method might create songs that are a little weird and out of the ordinary, but I welcome that!

You make music look fun and you look like you’re having fun playing it! How do you keep that spirit?

I feel like playing music live is kind of give-and-take with the audience and the performer, the more energy the audience gives you, the more you can give back. Kurt Cobain said something along the lines of how their concerts were like them playing catch with the audience with vibes and I think that’s very true!

Is there ever a time you felt like you needed advice on how to keep that going?

Absolutely, live music can be a tough game sometimes!

Can you share what that advice was?

For me it’s the same advice that I share to all other musicians I know, that just because you might have had a bad show where no one showed up or you had an off-day, you can’t give up. There’s always going to be a few off shows for every good one, just don’t take it too hard and keep going for it!

Where do you want to go next in your goals?

The next goal for Modern Amusement is to start rolling out our second album and get people connected to the vibes we’re emitting on it, that’s the best I can hope for!

How has this year treated you in terms of your career?

This year has definitely been the biggest yet for Modern Amusement! We released our first full-length album, played our first shows and got to watch our listener-base grow to bigger than it’s ever been! We’ve been really blessed and we hope to keep the ball rolling and keep creating.

How do you want to treat the rest of the year?

The name of the game for the rest of the year is setting up the release of our next album, I’m super hyped for everyone to hear it! I’m the kind of person who can’t stop working forward too so I’ll be demoing and writing for the third album as well for sure!

Rock on Modern Amusement!! You are so dope and a feeling of fresh air when we listen to your music! Where do we listen??

You can definitely check us out on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, really anywhere you like to stream your music! Don’t forget to follow us so you’ll know when our latest releases drop! Thanks so much for having us!

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