Interviw with THE NoBS

What was it like the first time you realized music is what you wanted to do as your life’s work? 

Scary. Getting on stage is frightening. That’s why we like it. But deciding to make it our life came easy for all of us.

Who was the most encouraging with your talent? 

My brothers.

Was there anyone that was the least? 

Too many.

You make performing seem seamless. How much practice goes into what you do? 

More than people realize. But that makes all the difference.

With all the successes you’ve experienced in your career, can you recall a time where you were tested in it? 

When we drove out of Texas to California when we were just turning 20…

How did you make the decision to keep on going for your goals? 

Our minds never let us think differently.

Who or what did you turn to when you needed a refocus? 


Tell our audience about your latest passion project! 

Our current album, “The NoBS Live 1981.

How did you come up with what you wanted to do next? 

We had the live show on cassette, found it and knew we had to release it.

How are you making time for everything you do! 

There is never enough time!

What are you focusing on right now going forward with your music?

Live performance.

How did that come about? 

Public demand.

Give us where and how to find your music! 

Apple Music. Google music. All the usual places…

Thank you!!

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