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Hi Jenn! Thank you for speaking with me today!

What is inspiring you right now?

The renaissance we are experiencing in music and arts. I think the Pandemic made people slow down and allowed for quality instead of quantity when it comes to music/art. Folks had time to think about what they were making. It allowed for individuals to shine in bigger markets. I’ve seen a lot of growth in spite of 2020.

Do you have a song you wish you could have written?

I wish I could write a song as good as The Chain by Fleetwood Mac. That is an amazing tune. So much emotion and movement and its just timeless.

Is there a song you would like to cover?

I do a lot of covers, because I admire so many people and it helps me to understand other people’s lives and stories, but I’d really like to record Nothing Compares To You (Prince/Sinead O Connor). The reason is because it’s an epic, it describes the turmoil of relationships and intense love, regret, and hopefulness.

What is your dream bucket list creative endeavor you would like to achieve?

A grammy. One day.

Any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?

YES. So many. I have lots of ideas. My current release Hot Mess Express is the party song for the summer, but we recorded the old Levon Helm tune, “Hurricane” and it sounds AMAZING. I have been sitting on that for 2 or 3 years and there’s a live video on You Tube of us doing it, but Chad Mauldin and I worked together to really create a cinematic worthy version. I’m just super proud.

Please let our readers know where they can find you!

Follow me on jennfordmusic on IG, Jenn Ford on Facebook, Jenn Ford on all streaming platforms and jennford.com

Thank you for your time!

You bet!

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End of Interview

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