Lavendine’s – “Open Up a Window”

Filled with an unbridled soul, empathy, and a genuine connection to the human condition, Lavendine’s single “Open Up a Window” is sure to be a musical highlight in a year that’s seen some rather phenomenal releases. The duo Jana and Jacy Ayers are exceptional singer/songwriters who share a songwriting credit alongside Daniel Ayers, Jacy’s husband who allegedly started the inception of the song in its production just playfully tickling some keys on a piano and the rest came naturally to the group.


That level of effortlessness certainly extends to the bulk of the song which feels like it came from decade-old seasoned veterans despite the duo having only done this for a handful of impressive years with their last major release being their debut album “Feel My Way”. Whereas that release was a promising showcase of the girl’s talents, “Open Up a Window” only confirms how much they’ve grown since then, growing pains of life and all. It’s a song that’s infectious and thoroughly honest as well as incredibly memorable with a fantastic bridge that sees the girls at the heights of their vocal talents, made more impressively by the fact that singer Jana having unfortunately lost a large percentage of hearing in one of her years due to health complications, but certainly that hasn’t slowed her down as her vocal work continues to be wildly impressive. The song will no doubt be relatable to people from all walks of life who’ve had to deal with hardships that have caused them to reevaluate their lives.

“How could I not notice, or ever even see the beauty of the stars at night, and what they really mean” the duo sing at one point, and those words sting with a true realness as I think it’s fair to say we may have all lost a step as far as noticing the things that really matter to us. Their single “Rapture” was a chart hit in Billboard and the indie scene as well and it’s understandable as the girls musical aesthetic is decidedly modernist alt-pop with all the eccentricities that come with it like some really great synth backing keys to go alongside the heartfelt guitar and bass as well as the grounded drum work that really helps tie the group perfectly together. This song is a crowd-pleaser, a real comfort food track that doesn’t skimp out on the narrative protein to truly give it weight and not just a puff piece about “believing in yourself”. I’d like to see the girls certainly expound more on these ideas present as they do have future releases planned and if this track is any indicator they’ll be just as authentic.

Their debut really felt like the prologue of their musical journey and “Open Up a Window” really feels like a peek at the main event. Heartfelt, honest, and truly a beautifully composed piece of art, Lavendine has made a true one-of-a-kind track that couldn’t ever hope to be duplicated by their peers. It’s wholly them and it’s all the better for it.

Michael Rand

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