Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified

Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified


Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite, a project featuring the talents of musicians and producers Dee & the Grand Brothers, are certain to turn heads and ears alike with the release of their debut single “Electrified” from the trio’s forthcoming first full length Canyon Diablo. The three artists are no strangers to public renown and praise – Dee’s “Miles and Miles (Living on the Edge)” played a pivotal role in a Ford automotive commercial first broadcast during the 2018 Super Bowl while another song “Filter Factory” enjoyed notable success as a YouTube video garnering over a million and a half views and counting. He connected with The Grand Brothers when they produced his second solo release Day by Day and the unique confluence of these marquee talents has produced a single that’s strongly modern while still invoking a recognizable sound that marks them as more than a musical act exclusively concerned with cleaning up and capturing the Zeitgeist of the moment.

The song’s message is, essentially, to seize the day. Dee’s voice has a strong emotive quality even in this context and one gets the sense straight out of the gate that he possesses the vocal power to never struggle much for being heard over the sonic din. The lyrical content doesn’t necessarily aspire to performed poetry, but the line by line phrasing of the words speaks to the inherent intelligence driving this project and it’s fashioned in such a way its punchy syllabic quality further complements the bottom end heavy push of the arrangement. This plain, accessible language helps the song connect even better with audiences and, in those moments when much of the backing track falls away and leaves Dee’s voice comparatively unadorned, his spirit comes surging through the mix, grabs you, and leaves listeners feeling invigorated and inspired by the experience of hearing this song.

There are other voices in the song, namely some lightly applied female backing vocals that help set up the gripping introduction alongside the boisterous rhythm section and flashing synthesizer/keyboard lines. The structure of the song lends itself to capitalizing the drama Dee and the Grand Brothers are obviously aiming to build and, thanks to their discernment, they are successful at doing so from the first. It’s a track that, even in its full fledged form, never feels overextended or self indulgent. Instead, it’s pared down to the musical equivalent of a clinched fist while retaining all the necessary warmth that listeners will be looking for from this song. The warmth, naturally, can be traced to the Grand Brothers’ production talents that set this song up on a grand, cinematic scale while never risking coming off heavy handed or straining for effects. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite, on the basis of this song alone, are primed to be immediate movers and shakers on the pop scene and what riches are likely waiting for us with the release of Canyon Diablo.


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