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With a lot of aspiring artists, especially ones who have already built up a considerable following in the underground before ever reaching mainstream rotation, it can be difficult to reach the big stage before peaking creatively and intellectually as songwriters. Timing a climactic breakthrough with the window in which to connect with the audience is a difficult undertaking even for the most skillful and talented in the bunch, with the vast majority usually missing their moment. I recently came into contact with a band called Streaking in Tongues, whose music can be only described as the alternative to alternative pop, who recently released a follow up to their sophomore record Life Support in the form of Kindergarten Prayers, a 22 song medley of ominous folk music and beat poet-inspired storytelling delivered to us in all of its unvarnished, authentic glory. I’m not an expert on pop culture, but I do know something about trends in music, and not only do I think this is the right time for Streaking in Tongues to make a statement with their music but I feel likeKindergarten Prayers is the perfect record with which to do it.

Strung together and cut with a sharp set of shears, Kindergarten Prayers starts off like an untouched piece of raw clay that, over the course of its ambitious playing time, is slowly shaped and molded into a characterization of Streaking in Tongues, more explicitly the 11 year old boy and his father who are the masterminds behind its creation. Together they illustrate a portrait of growing up, fostering education and discovering the world together, something that anyone who was a kid themselves once will be able to relate to. The music is emotionally charged and despite its raw presentation is tightly recorded with the most professional of stylizing possible. The album starts off a little somber and consistently gets more optimistic as it carries on, a lot like the transition from angst-ridden youth to adulthood itself. This record is transcendently applicable and relevant to anyone following contemporary pop today.

Arguably the most important quality in any song, or record for that matter, is the ability for the listener to tangibly feel the emotions described in the music, whether they come in the form of intelligent, articulate lyrics or through the girth of the instrumentation itself. You can feel the love and devotion to their song craft that Streaking in Tongues so obviously possesses when you listen to Kindergarten Prayers, and you don’t have to look very far to locate the hallmarks of a legendary band. There’s an equilibrium in their recording style, a duality in their compositions that isn’t forgiving and firmly positions itself as a bridge between us and the band, and that isn’t something that can be taught in any school or by any musician, no matter how experienced or seasoned in studio work. You’ve got to be born with what these two gentlemen have got, and it is both a pleasure and a privilege to get to indulge in all that they have to share with us.


Michael Rand

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