Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out

Jiggley Jones – Not Your Typical Day Out

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Folk Rock/Americana singer/songwriter Jiggley Jones , the project, came about in late 2007. Since then, while developing his new venture, he has worked with industry pros like producer Dave Moody and Lamon Records Nashville, former Shania Twain bandleader, Nashville based producer Terry Wendt, and musician/producer Chris Tristram, a former Capitol Records recording artist, bassist with Jack Russell’s Great White, public relations representative Ken Cavalier of Allure Media Entertainment Group, and currently with House of Lords. – Not Your Typical Day Out is the latest release.

The 10 track album kicks off with “Danger Island,” and Jones instantly rings of a humanitarian with these great lyrics. It’s all about the animals and I loved hearing the mention of “little blind mole” in this, which reminds of a track by that title on The Butterfly Ball album. It’s a fun-loving opener with some great string work to get the album off and running. “Wide Awake” starts to show very quickly where Jiggly Jones’ voice is coming from, which almost puts him somewhere between Bob Dylan and Cat Stevens, if that helps describe his unique vocal style. These are essentially folk songs dressed up in various ways.

Many of the tracks are one-word titles, with “Vibrant” being the first of several. Once again, it’s the lyrics that shine through the most but there is also some tasty harmonica and guitar to dress this song up nicely. It fits its title very well and it’s an overall very enjoyable track when you put the parts together, including the mention of “super heroes” and things like that. The next track, “Del Alma” is a love ballad of sorts, which shows the strings getting increasingly better with some great violin, and the piano and harmonica parts on this is a nice touch as well, with Jones also putting in his best singing efforts thus far.

These songs are all mixed very smoothly, with “That Pearl” being no exception to that rule. This track is more guitar driven than the previous cuts, and it kicks things up a notch and even brings out more in his voice. The lyrics once again are the primary ingredient to get inside your head. “I am the man of constant pain” is a lyric on this very reminiscent of Dylan and others who’ve used similar lines, and that’s just another compliment Jones makes to his influences. This song is also excellent because of the use of several different instruments and how they bring out the best in Jiggly Jones.

“Warm” is a nice little tune with finger snaps, and a charming trumpet to back it. Jones gets down to the nitty gritty on these lyrics and you can tell he has an assortment of concerns about much, but this is a song that helps you get through the concerning things. “Grey” is yet another interesting track with Jones coming on very strong in the vocal department with some cool backing parts. It’s all about growth, and it’s followed by the even more interesting “Flow” which is a stand out track and a very percussive one for this very cool album with the final two tracks living up to the rest.

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