“Look Out” EP by Jonny Porter

Look Out by Jonny Porter comes with six blistering tracks of brutal honesty with a holy blues approach to most of it, and some rocking tales of his own reflections. Some of the songs fit the current climate of what’s going on around us, but not necessarily intended that way. The Canadian artist has a lot of heart and soul and it comes out in each song which holds its own weight and he gets a lot out of his system on this highly recommended release. This EP gives a hard look into the recent past of the artist and delivers a warning on the title cut.

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Having been around and toured enough to go through his share of experience, Porter wastes no time on this EP, so the first number “Burning Up, Coming Home” is likely the deepest and most personal one. The opening chords are compelling, and the vocals come in with some background tracking and the music is essentially narrative, as it to slowly move forward as he sings about burning up and going back home for some perspective. By the time the first track is over, it’s hard to not hold off and reflect before hearing the rest.

“Weekend Accident” happens next and it is clearly on another level and the mood changes to what is a more-hard rocking style of music with a gut level blues-based attitude creeping in. It’s also a happier song, so it immediately lifts the spirits and comes out a lovely sounding romp. These songs are all personal and coming from a place where Porter knows best, but they’re easy to relate to now-matter who’s listening, and this could easily be heard on radio stations across the globe. I would even say this is a contender for along with the following track.


“Look Out” is a marvelous song with a slinky slide guitar and smoking drums and percussion. This has the big sound Porter is known for by his fans, so it is easy to suspect them to be enormously satisfied by this one song alone, as it is a masterpiece of a number. This song is so good you’ll listen many times over as it has massive wings and seems to have a freshness that will never ware out. There is nothing like letting it all hang out, and Porter does exactly that with a revitalized moxie to reckon with.

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Come and get your baggage claim on “Back To The Rats” with Porter turning in another epic rocker of colossal proportion, it’s where the grease on this EP really shines. Porter also pours it on even stronger on “Heathen” with its sense of self awareness and pride that comes with living this way, and not being sorry about it. I couldn’t help but notice the music on this track stealing the show in its own infectious way. It’s very hard to flaw, so no use in even trying to find a second worth negating. And “Let Them Save Me” just puts the icing on this tasty cake.

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