InterviEw with Tiffany Sayers

Talk to us about your new music! 

I released two new singles this year, Trippin’ Over You and My Body Knows. Trippin’ Over You is an upbeat, fun pop track about the intoxicating chemistry you can have with someone that makes you go head over heels for them. And My Body Knows is a laidback jam about how we guard our hearts so much that we don’t realize when we are truly falling for someone. Your body knows that you’re falling in love, but your heart hasn’t figured it out yet. 

Do you have any unreleased tracks? 

Yes, I have many. I consider them my stepping stones. I had to get songs under my belt to develop as a singer and songwriter. It takes practice and experience to grow. Every once in a blue moon, I’ll jam out to them and take a trip down memory lane. 

What is the most important part about the music industry? 

Making connections and nurturing those relationships.We allhave our own talents, networks, and experiences to bring to the table, so working together and supporting each other is the best way to succeed.

What are you competitive about? 

I don’t like to compare my journey to others because I have my own life path, but I’m competitive with myself. I push myself to continue to grow in all areas of my life. Don’t test me when it comes to any board/trivia games though, it’s on!

What sacrifices have you had to make in order to get your career to where it is?

At one point I had three jobs and no time for a social life, but it has always been important for me to be able to take care of myself and support my musical endeavors.  






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