Interviw with rebel Muzik

What was a childhood dream of yours?

My childhood dream was to someday open my very own martial arts school. 

Who do you turn to when you need someone most?  

My beautiful wife.

What was the first song you remember playing on repeat that made you want to get into music? 

Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry

Tell us a story that you laugh about with your friends to this day? 

When I first built my studio, I had nothing but a little toaster heater but me and my friends would be in there day and night making music with winter coats and bubble jackets for almost a year lol, (I have heat now). 

What is your favorite part of the music industry? 

That will have to be the creation part, there is no other feeling like creating a beautiful piece of music and just sitting or laying there listening to it over and over.

What’s your least? 

Trying to get heard.

What is a project you’re working on right now? 

I’m working on a pop/reggaeton track with some very talented artists and songwriters, this will be my first attempt at a track like this.

Where can fans find your music? 

You can find me on all digital platforms under Rebel Muzik

How do fans keep up with you? 

You can follow me on IG and Twitter at @iamrebelmuzik  

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