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Hi Aries! It is great to have you here!

You just released your EP! Congratulations! What would you like our readers to know about it?

Thank you so much!! I wrote all of these songs in 2020 during some challenging times. I was going through a growth journey and during the process I did a lot of journaling and self-reflection, and reflection on life in general. These songs were all birthed from those journal entries and reflections. I found that I needed an encouraging word during those times which is what the songs ultimately provided. I decided to call the project Sunshine because it was a beam of warmth and light in the darkness. I hope that it makes whomever listens feel that same warmth and sense of well-being. 

What was your creative process like for this EP? 

I love to be out in nature when I write so a lot of these songs were written at my local park or on a drive to the mountains. I had the pleasure of collaborating with some amazing producers on this project- each song is produced by a different producer but all of the songs had this warmth and joy to them that brought the project together. I recorded all of the songs at Productive Culture Studios in Gelndora, which is home base whenever I’m ready to get in the studio. It was such a blessing to collaborate with so many talented creatives on the music for this project, as well as the artwork, visuals, and promotion. I am humbled and honored that the people on my team believed in me enough to put their all into this project. 

What are you looking forward to as this release reaches your listeners?

I’m excited to hear feedback! Which songs people like and resonate with the most, how the project as a whole makes them feel. I love connecting with people over music in general and I feel like hearing what certain songs mean to people helps me know and understand them better. When those songs happen to be my songs that just makes it even sweeter! 

What originally made you want to be a musician?

Music has always been a vehicle for me to be completely and authentically me and to be able to express myself. I didn’t always have that in other areas of my life so music has always felt like home to me. The like-minded people I have met on this journey just helped me realize further that this is where I am supposed to be and what I am meant to do with my life. 

What does it mean to you to be authentic?

To me, being authentic means understanding yourself. It is hard to be authentic when you don’t really know who you are. And that self-discovery is a process it’s ok to take your time with. 

What makes you feel most alive? 

Being in nature

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