“Super Galactic” by FiveDFit

Quality rock songs start with a single riff, and the guitar work supporting the new single “Super Galactic” definitely feels like it started with the hook. Flow is impossible to fake when you’re making organic music, and that’s what FiveDFit is all about in this track – taking the OG rock n’ roll formula and giving it a shot of adrenaline after years of dormant aesthetical growth. These guys are low profile at the moment, taking the underground beat by storm just this month, but it’s difficult for me to picture them staying below the radar with a riff-rock sound as addictive as the one powering “Super Galactic” is. 

Relative to the presence of the guitar parts, the backend in this mix isn’t weak at all. To be quite frank, I think the bassline has a couple of moments where it feels bigger than the riffs, but the drums are bringing everything together so well that this contrast doesn’t yield any unnecessary discord. The vocal is tucked in neatly between all of the working elements in the mix, which is a good indicator of how meticulously this piece was likely structured after the recording process came to a conclusion. 

The lyrics in “Super Galactic” don’t particularly strike me as being exceptional in comparison to the instrumental foundations of the song, but this doesn’t make the delivery at the mic any less impressive. On the contrary, the tonal expressiveness of this music is a lot more exciting than its linguistics, which only further puts FiveDFit in the company of some real heavyweights in the rock genre. Their mainstream contemporaries might not have the chops to keep up with the pace of this single, but their forerunners who created the framework for ‘90s grunge and alternative rock definitely could. 

I would’ve reduced the powerful presence of the drums in the chorus just a bit had I been in the producer’s chair, but I can also appreciate where FiveDFit was looking for an indulgent component to put up on the backside of this mix. The percussion is vaulting the verses forward and giving us a little bit of urgency in an otherwise relaxed rhythm, and while it contradicts its place in the arrangement a couple of times, this rebellious attitude created by the drums in “Super Galactic” lends the song a lot of additional charisma as a whole. It’s unique, and certainly not a reboot of a technique we’ve heard a hundred times over in the past. 

Rockers can rejoice over the news of FiveDFit’s arrival this spring, and I think most listeners who hear “Super Galactic” are going to agree with me when I say this is a track that gives good ol’ fashioned riffing a second wind in 2022. There’s nothing outdated about the carnal thrust of the groove in this single, and provided that FiveDFit don’t try to embellish their sound with a lot of unneeded panache and synthesized nonsense, I think it’s a given that they’re going to find solid footing in this genre’s new era. 

Michael Rand

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