Cherie Oakley: A Special Gift to the World: “Little Girl” by Eileen Shapiro

Number 1 charting Billboard song writer and fast rising country solo artist Cherie Oakley has recorded a new song dedicated to everyone who has a mother, father, daughter, beloved pet, or just someone they love, and have made heartfelt memories with. The song and video entitled “Little Girl” sends chills down your spine and a tear to your eye. As a mom herself with a young daughter, the passion in her voice and emotion in her soul is irresistible….Enjoy!

Your special mother/daughter, father/daughter song “Little Girl” was super touching and emotional. What made you decide to sing it? 

Well, I loved it. I thought it was really beautiful and I felt that it doesn’t exclude anyone which is extremely important to me. You don’t have to be a mother or father to love the song. It could make you think about your sister, niece, cousin, your own mother, your best friend. It’s a song about little girls who grow up, essentially and I thought it was well written and really touching. 

As a mom yourself, how did it affect you?

I think I have become even more sensitive since having my own child to steer clear of songs that only Mothers can relate to. I have no desire to exclude some of my audience in any way, But of course,I think of my daughter  when I sing parts of the song. Every song I write or cut becomes extremely personal to me. This was certainly no different. I also think of my own mother and my sisters when I sing other parts … it touches me on many levels because I have so many females in my life that are so important to me. 

Although this was a beautiful Mother’s Day present, how do you think dad’s will feel about the song, especially if they have a daughter?

I think it will be just as touching for Father’s Day as it was for Mother’s Day. Maybe even more so. Little girls tend to do things emotionally to their dads that’s just … different. Nothing like a daddy and his little girl … no matter what age she is!

Will you be adding the song to your live repertoire?

I’m looking forward to adding it to my live set! So much of my music is about big full production, it will be such a nice moment to have something stripped down, just me and a piano. 

I think putting this song out for the world to hear is a brilliant and beautiful gift to the world, what I’d your view point on this?

Well, I love that! Thank you! This song certainly means a lot to me, and to the writers who are all friends of mine. It feels great to sing and release a beautiful song that I believe in that can really be used for monumental moments in people’s lives … weddings, receptions, graduation parties and all sorts of things. It’s like someone asking you to be a part of some life changing event when they use a song of yours. I hope it will touch people’s hearts and I hope it will be so much bigger than me. Songs live forever. 

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