Interview with Codi Dillon

Please tell us what you have in the works for this new year coming up, Codi?! 

I have been working on a handful of new projects and am excited to make so much new music. I have a few songs I hope to roll out during the spring of 2021! I also have been secretly working on a reality show that shows a side of the music business that most people don’t know about, and that is sync licensing. I am super excited to share more about it in the new year as well. I also plan to release a music video for the next single off my album, “Sad Boi Hour.” So I’m keeping myself pretty busy. 

How often should an artist reflect on their work to make sure that they’re always evolving? 

I think it should happen quite often and frequently. I, myself, am always growing and evolving and learning new things. So It would be unfair to reflect and recognize the growth and/or trouble I am having. I think it should happen every week. Set time aside to sit with yourself as an artist and just reflect on all things you are doing and where you want to go. 

With so many changes in 2020, what advice would you give an artist if they’re nervous about this upcoming year? 

It’s okay to be nervous. This year has shown us things we never anticipated to see. The music industry especially was shaken, because how do you cope with something this level. I would suggest to stay creative and take this time to truly find yourself in your artistry, and when the time comes to finally play shows and do the damn thing again, you will be prepared. 

How are you planning to spend your new years?

I don’t really have any plans, probably will stay home with a few friends and drink and celebrate the end of this CRAZY year. 

How can our audience keep up with you and everything you have going on in your musical journey!?

You can check me out on my website, CODI DILLON . 

Follow me on instagram – @codi.dillon 

Follow me on twitter – @thecodidillon

LISTEN TO MY MUSIC ON Apple Music & Spotify. 

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