Huntah Anarkelda Finnie is Making Her Mark

Huntah Anarkelda Finnie, a luminous presence at five feet seven inches with a cascade of brown hair framing her hazel eyes, emerges as a multifaceted talent on the cusp of breakthrough in the entertainment industry. Through her magnetic performances spanning singing, acting, and dancing, she navigates a path toward stardom that traverses multiple mediums with grace and aplomb.

In the sphere of acting, Finnie has left an indelible imprint, embodying diverse roles that showcase her remarkable versatility. Audiences may recognize her as Leslie in the captivating series “That Damn Michael Che” or as the enigmatic LaRonica in Katori Hall’s evocative “P-Valley.” Additionally, her portrayal of Amber in Jamal Hodge’s poignant short film “Under Thy Wings” captivated viewers, underscoring her ability to breathe life into complex characters. Despite her burgeoning career, this nineteen-year-old talent continues to excel academically, maintaining a stellar GPA as a freshman at Howard University.

Finnie’s artistic prowess extends beyond the realm of acting, as evidenced by her recent displays of theater dancing acumen at esteemed events such as the Shubert Festival’s “Fame” and collaborations with the esteemed Arthur Miller Foundation. Moreover, her contributions as a voiceover artist, particularly in a well-received racial inequality ad campaign, have garnered acclaim and further enriched her portfolio.


Under the mentorship of luminaries such as Marieshka Phillips, Tracy Moore, and Jen Rudin, Finnie has honed her skills in scene work and analysis. Additionally, her vocal and piano training with Whitney Marchelle and Mary Brown has augmented her artistic repertoire, imbuing her performances with depth and nuance.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Finnie finds solace and inspiration in a diverse array of interests. From her affinity for neo-soul music and spoken word to her passion for musical theater and improv, she embraces the richness of creative expression. Moreover, her involvement in sports activities such as swimming, boxing, track, cheerleading, tumbling, and basketball underscores her boundless energy and zest for life. Furthermore, her love for art manifested in her curation of an inaugural art show in 2023, featuring the works of local emerging talents.

As Huntah Anarkelda Finnie continues to ascend the echelons of the entertainment industry, her multifaceted talents and unwavering dedication mark her as a rising star destined to leave an indelible mark on the cultural landscape. With each endeavor, she epitomizes the essence of artistic brilliance and innovation, heralding a future brimming with limitless possibilities and boundless creativity.

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