John Patrick Walker – ‘You And I’

John Patrick Walker – ‘You And I’


John Patrick Walker has been a solid actor in films, television and on-and-off-Broadway for 25 years, but Walker couldn’t resist the sweet melodies or the act of concocting lush lyrics.  Over the last five years, JP has been writing and recording songs feeding into his love for music that started when he was a kid.  With The Beatles, Paul Simon, The Who & Harry Nilsson as some of his earliest influences, John is now lighting the fire once again that’s been burning inside of him for a long time.

This new release, You And I, is out today on May 11, 2018 and proves to be a smorgasbord of styles & sounds.  This 6-track EP offers everything under the sun as John Patrick Walker is throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink.  I’m hearing Rootsy Rock, Garage-rock, punk rock, bluesy soul, folk, singer/songwriter Americana, jazzy, psychedelic rock, Pop, alternative and country all coming together systematically to laugh in the face at Genre.  It’s more than safe to say that Walker is all over the map as You And I go coast to coast on the six-song set.  The EP starts up with a lovely duet titled “Your Open Hand” between John Patrick Walker and his wife, Hope Davis, who is an actress herself.  Right away, I can sense the close connection between husband and wife as the vocal pairings are fine as wine on a hot, summer day.  The voices shine bright here with a Breezy-like-a-Suntanned-day feel that will have you soaking up all the sunshine.  Best way to describe the overall effect of “Your Open Hand” is simply peaceful pleasantries. Softly-spoken and deep in thought sums up the title track while track four, “The Guilty Party” is light ‘n’ easy.  Track five, “Jack O’Bells” features a happy-go-lucky fellow who dances a jig as Walker lets loose here and let’s it all hang out.  On the final number, “I Can’t Not Do The Robot (When I’m Dancing With You)” is a raucous, good time where I was getting that Elvis Costello-like vibe on this one with the retro, jam-band appeal in place.

Walker truly gets in touch with his singer/songwriter chops on this EP as John wrote all six songs and performed each one meticulously and with great command.  If you’re looking for some cool & refreshing tunes to sip on this summer, then I highly recommend quenching your musical thirst with John Patrick Walker’s You And I that is sure to make a splash!  And you can also catch John Patrick Walker currently on the national tour of the Broadway production “Hamilton” where he plays King George III.  Now, what do you say You And I go…and Be Merry!


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