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The most difficult times we face as a world need music to supplement the grief and strife, to give us a bit more strength to push through whatever lies ahead. Something tells me that Lady Redneck was thinking about this when she penned the new single “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son,” which sees the up-and-coming Christian country artist diving into some of her most inspirational content thus far. There’s nothing compositional abnormal about “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son,” but it definitely feels like a more thoroughly emotive performance than I was initially expecting out of Lady Redneck. She’s got a lot of passion for the medium, that much I knew coming into this review, but I did not realize that her technique was as far along as it is here. 

This confidence that Lady Redneck is wielding like a weapon against the mundanity of contemporary country music is something that grabbed my attention right off the bat in “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son,” but it’s worth taking note that she never sounds the least bit cocky in her performance. Contrary to what a lot of her contemporaries would have done, she sticks with a humble harmony as her main agent of evocation in this single and relies very little on the instrumental bombast that normally comes standard in most of the country tunes I listen to these days. This isn’t about ego, and she makes that known to us long before we can ever even pose the question. 

Arranged to be elegant, there was no question that “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son” was going to have a fine presence as a melodic single to begin with, but I think this is made to be emphasized through the precision that Lady Redneck has as a vocalist here. I knew she could sing, but the way she cuts into the instrumental portion of this track is something that goes above and beyond what I thought she was capable of just in listening to songs like “Kiss Me” and “Don’t Try to Take Our Guns.” She’s on a higher level than most, and anyone who would say otherwise needs to get a copy of this single as soon as possible. 

I was expecting a lot out of the new Lady Redneck single, but I cannot say that I was anticipating the emotion that drives “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son” forward around every twist and turn in its rhythm. This is a singer/songwriter who has figured out the kind of artist she wants to be, and it’s not one that puts all of her stock into the cosmetic frills so many players have blown their entire career trying to cultivate (with little success, mind you). Instead of fronting with a lot of synthetic elements and robotic grooves that could have been sourced from anywhere in the pop music universe, Lady Redneck is giving us authentic, personality-based faith in “After the Rain, You’ll Find the Son,” and I’ll be looking forward to hearing more of it later in the year. 

Michael Rand

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